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Bamboo Fly Rods are a timeless style of rod, built with impeccable care and craftsmanship. The Bamboo tradition dates back to the early days of fly fishing, and the artful craft continues today. Some of the top rod makers utilize graphite, glass, and other rod making materials but the market for timeless tradition persists and big names like Scott, Orvis, and Winston continue to make old-fashioned bamboo rods alongside their flagship graphite and glass rods. If you’re looking for style, delicacy, and finesse, a bamboo rod is a must have. We carry all the top names in a diversity of rod weights and styles.

One high-end bamboo rod series of note is Scott’s SC Fly Rod Series. The SC series is constructed in collaboration with Naoki Hashimoto of Hokkaido, Japan and includes top-notch bamboo. Beyond the bamboo, however, the SC series also sports an amboyna burl wood or blued nickel silver reel seat, Snakebrand guides, handmade ferrule plugs, and fine cork grips. These rods are made with contemporary innovations of split cane technology. Scott’s SC series are intricate works of art and practical, serious fishing tools.

Winston also makes a bamboo series to rival any other. Known for their rich and storied rod making history, Winston continues their perfected craft in the Winston Bamboo Fly Rod Series. These rods feature a slow rod action, loads of feel and feedback, and incredible line and loop control. Rod building has always been a Winston forte, and the Winston Bamboo rod series is no different. Whether you’re casting to a rising trout on a spring creek, or chasing a blue line on a map, Winston bamboo fly rods are the perfect instrument. Winston rod making history means expert knowledge and experience goes into every rod. Try one today, you won’t be disappointed.

The Orvis Company is another history-rich company that makes a few different bamboo fly rod series’. The Orvis Penn’s Creek Bamboo rods are one such series. These rods are delicate, typical of most bamboo fly rods. Delicacy doesn’t mean they can’t stand up to a fishy fight, however. These rods are designed as fishing tools for experienced and passionate anglers. The Penn’s Creek fly rods sport a fast action blank with a light tip and superb rod strength throughout. The rods are short and light which encourages easy and effortless short-medium distance casting. All bamboo rods by Orvis are full flex rods and the Penn’s Creek series comes with the option to buy the rod as a rod and reel outfit. Craftsmanship perfected!

Similar to the Penn’s Creek series, Orvis also makes an Adirondack Bamboo Rod Series. These rods have a crisp feel and a delicate tip, similar to the Penn’s Creek Series. Orvis’ classic split bamboo design allows perfect presentation and a smooth casting stroke. The incredible traditional rod makeup will surely turn heads on the river but these rods are more than a work of art. Orvis combines artwork and contemporary fly rod design to produce a perfect balance between the two in the Adirondack Bamboo series. Again, these rods are sold as a rod and reel outfit for anglers who want to defer to Orvis’ setup decisions. Dry fly fishing often necessitates finesse, and these rods deliver just that.

If you’ve never fished a classic bamboo rod it’s time to partake in years of history and tradition. Some of the first fly rods ever made were cane rods and every cast with a bamboo rod brings the angler back to slower days and different times. All the bamboo rods we carry are one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art creations that are made to be fished. Buy yours today, your artsy side won’t disapprove.