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    TFO Power Fly Reel
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Temple Fork Outfitters is a high-end fly fishing company. TFO makes fly rods, fly reels, and conventional rods. TFO is a company with a conscious. They create products for the modern angler who is socially conscious and passionate about the outdoors. TFO also prides itself on a proper balance between affordability and performance. One of the company’s missions is to attract more people to the sport of fly fishing. By creating quality products at affordable prices TFO succeeds in their mission and is a leading manufacturer in contemporary fly fishing. Most people know TFO for their fly rods, however, they also produce some stellar fly reels. We sell the complete collection of TFO reels including the TFO BVK, the TFO Power, and the TFO NXT.

TFO’s flagship reel series is the TFO Power. The Power is fully anodized for increased durability. The Power is also extremely lightweight thanks to TFO’s dramatic ported reel design. The drag system in the reel is a series of conical spring washers combined with carbon fiber stainless steel brakes. A clutch bearing in the reel also minimizes start-up inertia. The Power is a high-performance reel made for saltwater and freshwater fishing applications. TFO has loaded this reel with features, research, and experience from time on the water. The Power is one of the top reels at its price-point in the industry.

True to TFO’s mission, their entry-level reel, the TFO NXT, allows novice anglers to spend time on the river for an affordable price. The NXT is a lightweight cast aluminum reel like many other entry-level fly reels. Cast reels aren’t the most durable reels on the market, however, the NXT holds up well to dings and scrapes. The NXT has an adjustable disc drag, interchangeable spools, and comes in a black reel pouch. The NXT gives any other entry-level reel in the industry a run for its money. This reel is a great option as a backup reel, too, especially because spools are interchangeable.

Perhaps TFO’s most well-known reel, the TFO BVK promotes high-performance at a moderate price-point. The BVK is a step up from the NXT in that the whole reel is precision machined for added durability. The reel is also ported to eliminate added weight. The BVK’s super large arbor picks up line quickly and the reel’s drag system helps an angler play fish with constant pressure. The drag on the BVK is made with stacked discs and a one-way clutch bearing. These discs and bearing contribute to the BVK’s silky smooth drag, an advantage to any angler in either salt or fresh water. The BVK is a practical fishing tool from TFO and, at its price point, is a high-performing value-packed reel.

TFO continues to produce quality fly reels at affordable prices in the saturated modern fishing industry. TFO engineering has stood the test of time and the company pushes innovation and affordability with every product they make. We have the complete set of TFO reels at the most affordable prices. Questions about TFO reels? Call the shop today and talk to an expert.