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Brief History of Shilton

Shilton Engineering, based in South Africa, has been manufacturing high-quality fly reels since 1999. Founded by Keith Shilton, the company initially focused on creating industrial components before expanding into the fly fishing industry. Drawing on their engineering expertise, Shilton has quickly gained a reputation for producing reliable and top-performing fly reels that cater to the needs of anglers worldwide. Today, Shilton Fly Reels are trusted by both professional guides and recreational anglers for their performance, durability, and style.

Design and Engineering

Shilton Fly Reels are meticulously designed and engineered to provide anglers with exceptional performance and durability. Crafted from high-quality materials such as aerospace-grade aluminum, these reels are both lightweight and strong, ensuring long-lasting reliability. Precision-machined components and anodized finishes provide resistance to wear, corrosion, and harsh fishing environments. The sleek and functional design of Shilton Fly Reels ensures smooth operation and seamless line retrieval, making them an excellent choice for discerning fly fishers.

Drag System

One of the standout features of Shilton Fly Reels is their advanced drag system, which offers smooth, consistent, and easily adjustable resistance. The multi-disc, sealed drag system is designed to handle various fishing situations, from delicate presentations to battling hard-fighting fish. This high-performance drag system provides anglers with the confidence and control needed to target a wide range of species in diverse fishing conditions.

Reel Sizes and Line Capacities

Shilton offers fly reels in various sizes and line capacities to accommodate a wide range of fly fishing applications. From lightweight models suitable for delicate presentations on small streams to large-arbor designs capable of handling heavy lines and big game species, Shilton has a reel to suit every angler's needs. The ample line capacity and efficient retrieval rates of Shilton reels ensure that anglers are well-equipped to tackle diverse fishing situations.

Aesthetic Appeal

In addition to their functional excellence, Shilton Fly Reels are known for their striking aesthetic appeal. The reels feature intricate designs and eye-catching color options, making them not only a high-performance tool but also a stylish accessory for any fly fishing setup. This combination of form and function has made Shilton reels a sought-after choice for anglers who appreciate both performance and elegance.

Compatibility with Fly Fishing Gear

Shilton Fly Reels are designed to be compatible with a wide range of fly fishing gear, including rods, lines, and leaders. This versatility ensures a cohesive and efficient fly fishing system that maximizes performance and enhances the overall angling experience. By choosing a Shilton Fly Reel, anglers can build a reliable and well-matched setup that delivers consistent results across various fishing conditions.

Model Overview:

CL Series: The Shilton CL Series is designed for freshwater fly fishing, featuring a lightweight, durable construction and a smooth, reliable drag system. Ideal for targeting trout, bass, and panfish, these reels boast a large-arbor design for fast line retrieval and reduced line memory, ensuring optimal performance in small to medium-sized rivers and streams.

SR Series: The SR Series is a versatile range of reels suitable for both fresh and saltwater applications. Engineered with a sealed, multi-disc drag system, these reels offer consistent, adjustable resistance for fighting a variety of fish species. The large-arbor design ensures quick line retrieval and reduced line memory, while the durable construction handles challenging environments with ease.

SL Series: The SL Series features a sleek, lightweight design suitable for freshwater and light saltwater applications. These reels are built with a sealed, multi-disc drag system for smooth, reliable performance, and a large arbor for fast line pickup. The minimalist design and balanced weight distribution make the SL Series perfect for pairing with modern, lightweight fly rods.

CR Series: The Shilton CR Series is built for big game saltwater fishing, featuring a robust construction and a powerful, sealed drag system capable of handling large, hard-fighting species. The large-arbor design ensures rapid line retrieval, while the durable materials provide resistance against saltwater corrosion. These reels are ideal for anglers targeting tarpon, sailfish, tuna, and other big game fish in challenging offshore environments.