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  1. Sage Spectrum C Fly Reel
    $165.00 - $185.00
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    Sage Spey Fly Reel
  3. Sage Enforcer Fly Reel
  4. Sage Spectrum Fly Reel
    $300.00 - $325.00
  5. Sage Click Fly Reel
  6. Sage ESN Fly Reel
  7. Sage Trout Spey Fly Reel
  8. Sage Spectrum Max Fly Reel
  9. Sage Arbor XL Fly Reel
    $450.00 - $475.00
  10. Sage Thermo Fly Reel
  11. Sage Spectrum LT Fly Reel
    $400.00 - $425.00
  12. Sage Trout Fly Reel
    $400.00 - $425.00
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Sage has been making high-performance fly rods for more than 35 years. Sage is one of the largest rod manufacturers in the industry today. Although they’re most well-known for their fly rods, Sage also produces some of the finest fly reels in the industry. Sage reels include the Sage Spectrum, Sage Click Reel, Sage Spey, and more. Sage utilizes state-of-the-art technology to create fly rods and fly reels that capture incredible performance and reliability. The company has always taken great pride in providing American manufacturing jobs and the vast majority of rods and reels are made in the USA.

The Spectrum Reel Series is perhaps Sage’s most versatile reel series. The Spectrum series includes the Sage Spectrum C Fly Reel, the Sage Spectrum Fly Reel, Sage Spectrum LT Fly Reel, and the Sage Spectrum Max. These reels are designed for a variety of fishing scenarios. The Spectrum C is the base model of the Spectrum series. The Spectrum C has SCS drag, a vented concave arbor that provides increased strength, fast line pick-up, and an aluminum die-cast construction with a machined finish. This reel comes in sizes from 3wt through 10wt and is a solid reel option for freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and everything in between.

The regular Sage Spectrum comes in the same sizes. The original Spectrum is fully machined for increased durability. The Spectrum is loaded with features including a one revolution drag knob, an ergonomic reel handle, and easy conversion from left-hand to right-hand retrieve. The original Spectrum is perhaps the most value-packed reel in the Spectrum lineup.

The Spectrum LT is one of the most high-performing reels in the Spectrum lineup. The LT is fully machined from aerospace grade aluminum. It’s also cold forged and tempered for unparalleled durability and power. This reel is a work of craftsmanship and artistry and Sage has left no detail unattended. Smooth, lightweight, versatile - the LT truly performs on the water.

Finally, the Spectrum Max is the most expensive reel in the Spectrum lineup. The Spectrum Max has a completely sealed drag and is designed for the most rigorous saltwater fishing applications. The Spectrum Max sports all the features we love in other reels in the Spectrum lineup but has a more purpose-driven design. If you’re planning on fishing Bonefish on the flats or Permit from a boat, the Spectrum Max is a must-have.

Sage also makes a freshwater reel series called the Sage Click Fly Reel. This series is made to be lightweight, streamlined, and efficient in all freshwater fishing scenarios. Sage has redefined the traditional click and pawl drag design and the Click is an extremely capable reel with an old-fashioned feel.

Sage, like many other rod companies, makes two-handed rods and a Spey reel. The Sage Spey Reel features a classic design and modern technology. The Spey is heavier than other reels to properly balance long Spey rods. The reel is also decked out in premium features including a machined aluminum finish, large arbor design, minimal porting, and an ergonomic handle. This reel is a testament to Sage’s ability to design cutting-edge reels that have an old-fashioned aesthetic to inspire old timers and contemporary two-handed anglers alike. The Spey is a perfect reel for most of Sage’s two-handed Spey rods.

Sage continues to push the boundaries of reel design in many important ways. The company has always put innovation first and they continue to do so with their fly reels. Shop Sage reels today for the lowest prices and FREE SHIPPING on all US orders.