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The CLA has set the standard for affordable large arbor fly reels. The CLA series incorporates a superior drag mechanism that is extraordinarily smooth, heat resistant and provides incredible stopping power. While the CLA is offered at a reasonable price, no options have been overlooked. The series is fully machined out of a proprietary aluminum alloy, fully anodized for protection and built to take the type of abuse applied to a reel that is used every day of the season. This is why the CLA series is the most popular reel for outfitters and guides who demand unwavering performance in an affordable package. This is the same reason the CLA is also our dealers' favorite for anglers that are looking for an American made, high quality, reasonably priced fly reel. CLA 4-7 (Larger Components for Bigger Fish!) The mechanical design of all CLA reels is consistent throughout the series, but improvements have been made to the four largest sizes to support their use in battling bigger fish. The CLA (sizes 4-7) have a larger sized drag knob, handle and spool cap, but most importantly they have a STRONGER DRAG SYSTEM. The frame and spool have also been reinforced to eliminate flexing when battling the "big boys". With a wide range of sizes available, the CLA series is appropriate for any fishing application. And because of its great size, dependability, drag performance and affordable price, the CLA (sizes 4-7) have become one of the most popular spey series on the market today.
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Ross CLA Fly Reel Reviews

Excellent Value Review by BlackRiverMike
Posted on 7/7/16
I grew up fishing a fiberglass broomstick, catching lots of brook trout. I have since graduated to better equipment, including some high dollar gear. That said, every Ross I have had performs like a champ. I have two CLAs and would not trade them for reels costing 2 or 3 times as much. What great value, thank Ross.
Great Durable and Effective Reel/line Combo Review by John E
Posted on 11/6/15
Paired with a new Scientific Angler Mastery Textured GPX 4 wt line (also on sale) this reel/line combo is a great paring at a bargain price. I am not worried about fishing this rig hard, with either medium or high quality rods. This reel is still sold at full retail at most shops. It accomplishes the same result as reels costing twice as much.
Best Reasonably Priced Reel on the Market Review by John E
Posted on 10/21/15
This is a great workhorse reel at any price. On sale it can not be beat. I just like them. I put these on high priced rods because I trust the CLA, and they never fail. They are a little heavier than the Evolution LT, but I am not worried about dropping them or my kids breaking them. They balance particularly well on my fiberglass rods which require a little extra weight. Retro aesthetics appeal to me. Simple and functional.
Be Careful Review by David
Posted on 8/2/15
I bough a CLA 1.5 this spring for my new fly rod. It's a great looking reel but I was unhappy with it due to it's drag. The drag setting, even at it's lowest setting, was WAY TOO STRONG for trout and a reel designed for 3-5 weight rods. At first I thought it was the cold temperature in Minnesota this January which was hindering the drag. A 16 inch trout was the smallest fish that would actually engage the drag, albeit very little. I was basically fishing with a $185 line holder.
very happy with my purchase Review by Matthew
Posted on 10/11/14
Purchased this reel several months back, have fished it 20+ times and can say this is a well-made dependable reel. I fish for +10lb carp as well as rainbows and browns with this reel. The cost makes this reel even better! Ross makes nothing but the best quality products....would recommend to a friend.
The best overall fly reel under 200. made in the U.S.A. Review by KANE
Posted on 7/29/14
Having spent three decades on the water and from the old school I always felt that the fly reel was more of a reservoir for my line. Back in the 1970s having a matched high quality rod and line combination was paramount for ease of casting and getting the fly where you wanted it.
I recently decided to upgrade & purchase a Ross CLA 1.5. and try it out on some high country Cut's averaging 12"-16". The first thing I noticed was how much more balanced the reel was with my Sage VXP 590 when I was casting and how fast I could reel in my slack line! I am accustomed now to almost slapping the reel a few times and she is spooled up! The most important feature really that is the American deisgn & craftsmanship put into the Ross CLA and its incredible sealed drag system. I was near decomposed granite and never had a problem mind you that doesn't mean laying your reel in the sand when lining up.
I waited to post this review after a dozen uses and recently picked up the CLA 2 as well as extra spools to add the different sinking lines I use when fishing back country lakes in the Sierra Nevada.

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