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Nautilus Fly Reels combine 180 years of family tradition with modern innovation and technology, making them virtually indestructible and highly valued in the fly fishing community. Known for their quality and functionality, these reels have garnered a devoted following among serious anglers. With a commitment to research and development, Nautilus stands at the forefront of reel design, living by the motto ā€œtested on animalsā€ to ensure each product performs exceptionally on the water.

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  1. Nautilus CCF-X2 Fly Reel
    $545.00 - $640.00
  2. Nautilus X-Series Fly Reel
    $355.00 - $375.00
  3. Nautilus Silver King Fly Reel
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The reel resume at Nautilus is expansive. Need a new saltwater or big game fly reel? Look no further than Nautilus. Nautilus descends from 7 generations of fishing and metalworking in the Mustad family. It's no wonder the CCF-X2 just won our 8-weight shootout! The CCF-X2 is Nautilus’ cork carbon fiber fly reel. The reel’s dual action drag system is completely new and improved. The drag system features twice the drag strength, increased smoothness, and half the startup inertia compared to the original CCF. The CCF-X2 is also fully sealed and contains hybrid ceramic bearings and an oversized drag knob. In a fly reel industry that puts a lot of emphasis on saltwater performance, the CCF-X2 is the best-of-the-best.

The NV-G Fly Reel is Nautilus’ most expensive reel. Loaded with features, the NV-G is the ultimate fishing weapon. The NV-G is built on NV Monster frames and includes the NV CCF disc braking system. The reel also has an “uber-arbor” that allows effortless line pickup at lightning fast speeds. Every NV-G reel is CNC machined to allow proficient line drying capabilities. If all the technology in the NV-G is hard to comprehend, it’s alright, sometimes we struggle to understand the ability of this reel, too. The important takeaway? This is one of the most high-tech, versatile, durable, high-performance reels on the market. Period.

Nautilus also makes some stellar reel options for freshwater fishing. The X-Series reel is a mid-priced, lightweight option for wrangling a variety of freshwater species. The X-Series has an open-frame design for decreased weight without sacrificing strength. In classic Nautilus fashion, the X-Series also has a smooth drag, fast line pick up, and a completely sealed carbon fiber disc drag system. It’s rare to see these innovations on such an affordable freshwater fly reel. However, Nautilus has found a way to bring their award-winning innovation and tech to the masses with the X-Series.

Nautilus also makes Spey Reels and large bluewater fly reels. The NV Monster series is a big game fly reel that takes on any/all scenarios involving seriously big fish. The NV Spey reel is made to balance two-handed rods for a variety of Salmon and Steelhead applications. The Silver King reel series is a more affordable big game reel series that doesn’t skimp on important reel design elements. Nautilus reels are made for you if you’re after monster fish in a bluewater setting or with a Spey rod.

Tradition, history, innovation, and excellence are evident in every Nautilus reel. Whether you’re after Steelhead in British Columbia, Trout in Montana, or Tarpon in the salt, Nautilus makes a reel for you. Shop award-winning innovation and industry-leading excellence here and receive FREE SHIPPING on all US orders. We promise you’ll be glad you bought a Nautilus.