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Loop has been producing some of the finest fly fishing equipment for decades. Loop is a European tackle company that was founded in 1978. Loop is perhaps most well-known for their medium and medium fast action fly rods. These rods helped Loop establish credibility in the industry. Roughly 6 years after its inception, Loop became known for another industry-leading innovation: the first ever large arbor fly reel. While Loop’s reel design was initially met with skepticism, eventually many leading reel makers converted to building reels with faster line retrieval rates. Today, the large arbor fly reel is the norm. Loop’s contributions to the industry have been rewarded throughout their storied history and the company continues to drive industry innovation in big ways. While Loop has now branched out into apparel, jackets, gear, and more, fly rod and reel production are still at the center of Loop’s mission. Not surprisingly, Loop manufactures a variety of high-performing reels.

Loop’s flagship fly reel, the Loop Opti, comes in a variety of models and sizes. The Opti Creek and DryFly are models with silky smooth drag made for thin leader and small flies. The Opti Runner is a larger reel made for small two-handed rods or larger one-handed rods. Finally, the Opti Big has increased spool capacity and a massive drag system designed to stop any fish in its tracks. The braking system on bigger Opti reels is phenomenal. The Opti series includes other models and caters to every fishing situation under the sun. All reels are machined from one piece aircraft aluminum, have a Power Matrix drag system, and are precisely counterbalanced. This series from Loop may be the most versatile reel series on the market today.

Loop recently redesigned one of their staple reel series’. The Loop Evotec G4 Fly Reel is a new and improved high-performance reel from Loop. The Evotec G4 houses a strong, smooth, Power Matrix drag system that contributes to the reel’s powerhouse capabilities. The Evotec G4 features stainless steel, anodized aluminum design that contributes to the reel’s ability to battle a variety of conditions. Loop’s Loc-Tite system helps anchor reel components in place for lasting dependability. This reel is truly a high-tech workhorse from Loop.

Loop calls the XACT Reel Series the Evotec G4’s “little brother”. The XACT is an entry-level reel series that fits nicely in the Loop lineup. Naturally, the XACT is a downgrade from the Evotec G4. However, at its price-point, it’s a stellar entry-level reel. The XACT sports a water and heat resistant casing and brake system, form and friction stable brake discs, and a counter-weight for flawless balance and smoothness. For a low-price reel, the XACT is loaded with practical features to enhance performance. If you’re an inexperienced angler or like to have a few backup reels, the XACT is a great option.

Loop innovation is evident in each reel series they make. Loop utilizes top-of-the-line materials, expert engineering, and unparalleled product testing to create some of the top reels today. While they’re not the most popular reel company in the US, we think their presence in the US market will surely increase over the next few years. Purchase a Loop reel today and get FREE SHIPPING on all US orders.