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Hatch Outdoors is a relatively new company. Started in 2003, Hatch was born from a trip to the Eastern Sierras. Years later, Hatch continues to make award-winning fly reels. Their first generation of reels was well-received by the industry. Time, engineering, research, and innovation have propelled Hatch to the top of the fly fishing reel industry. Today, Hatch also makes pliers, apparel, and other high-quality fishing tools.

When Hatch Outdoors created a high-end fly reel without a cork drag, people thought they were crazy. Today, it seems like they were geniuses. Hatch reels were created to be completely uncompromising in quality. Every reel is made with immaculate attention to detail. Hatch reels are also insanely durable, ruggedly practical, and pretty much bombproof on the water. All reels are coated by a finish that is made to stand up in the toughest conditions - saltwater or freshwater

All Hatch reels are designed with the same buttery smooth stacked disc drag system. This system employs multiple discs of stainless steel and Rulon which dramatically increases the surface area. In turn, this makes for virtually no start up inertia and massive stopping power. By virtue of the fact that it's sealed, all Hatch fly reels require no lubrication or maintenance. That means these reels are prime candidates for saltwater fly fishing applications. Hatch reels also sport a nine window reel-frame design for decreased weight without sacrificing strength. Finally, Hatch reels are known for their machined reel seat which also provides increased strength. Most reel companies attach a reel seat to a frame with screws, not Hatch. Minor details like this make Hatch reels truly stand out in a sea of reel manufacturers.

The Hatch Iconic is an upgraded and refined version of the popular Finatic reel, boasting a butter-smooth drag system, easy micro-adjustments, and a large drag knob that makes frequent adjustments effortless. Designed to withstand the challenges of saltwater fishing and targeting powerful species like Giant Trevally (GT), the Iconic has proven its mettle in demanding fishing conditions like the Seychelles.

Materials: Constructed from bar stock aluminum, the Hatch Iconic is incredibly tough and durable. Its one-piece machined reel foot eliminates the risk of a loose reel foot, ensuring stability and reliability.

Drag & Clutch: The Iconic features a completely rebuilt drag system, utilizing a carbon-filled drag material that dissipates heat faster and provides a smoother feel during intense battles with fish. The improved sealing of the drag system addresses the water ingress issue found in previous models, eliminating the risk of pulsing and ensuring consistent performance.

Compatibility: It is essential to note that the new Hatch Iconic is not compatible with older Hatch models, meaning Finatic spools will not fit Iconic frames or vice versa.

Colors: The Hatch Iconic is available in a range of attractive colors, including black with silver lettering and hub, grey with black lettering and hub, clear with blue lettering and hub, and clear with red lettering and hub.

In summary, the Hatch Iconic Fly Reel is a versatile, powerful, and reliable tool for anglers seeking a high-quality reel capable of handling the largest game fish while remaining delicate enough to protect the lightest tippet. Its improved carbon-filled drag, sealed clutch system, machined reel foot, ported spool and frame for faster line drying, one-piece spool nut, oversized ultra-adjustable drag knob, and redesigned handle and counterweight make the Hatch Iconic a top choice for serious anglers.