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Hatch Outdoors is a relatively new company. Started in 2003, Hatch was born from a trip to the Eastern Sierras. Years later, Hatch continues to make award-winning fly reels. Their first generation of reels was well-received by the industry. Time, engineering, research, and innovation have propelled Hatch to the top of the fly fishing reel industry. Today, Hatch also makes pliers, apparel, and other high-quality fishing tools.

When Hatch Outdoors created a high-end fly reel without a cork drag, people thought they were crazy. Today, it seems like they were geniuses. Hatch reels were created to be completely uncompromising in quality. Every reel is made with immaculate attention to detail. Hatch reels are also insanely durable, ruggedly practical, and pretty much bombproof on the water. All reels are coated by a finish that is made to stand up in the toughest conditions - saltwater or freshwater.

All Hatch reels are designed with the same buttery smooth stacked disc drag system. This system employs multiple discs of stainless steel and Rulon which dramatically increases the surface area. In turn, this makes for virtually no start up inertia and massive stopping power. By virtue of the fact that it's sealed, all Hatch fly reels require no lubrication or maintenance. That means these reels are prime candidates for saltwater fly fishing applications. Hatch reels also sport a nine window reel-frame design for decreased weight without sacrificing strength. Finally, Hatch reels are known for their machined reel seat which also provides increased strength. Most reel companies attach a reel seat to a frame with screws, not Hatch. Minor details like this make Hatch reels truly stand out in a sea of reel manufacturers.

It’s unusual to find a reel company that only makes one reel model. That being said, Hatch’s Finatic series is the only model they make. What does this mean? Well, because Hatch only sells the Finatic, they put all their time and effort into making the best fly reel possible. The Finatic is also arguably the most diverse reel series on the market. Hatch makes a reel for every rod and every situation. All reels are made with top-notch craftsmanship and industry-leading innovation. Whatever you’re fishing for, Hatch reels will get the job done in style.

The latest line of Hatch reels is the Finatic. The newest Hatch reel comes in 8 different sizes, from the tiny 2 Plus for 2-4 weight lines to the monstrous 12 Plus - designed to handle all of your bluewater needs. All reels come in a mid arbor or large arbor option. The Finatic also sports a variety of color schemes and even custom coloring options.

Hatch Outdoors has made some incredible contributions to the industry since their inception in 2003. And they’ve been rewarded for it. It seems like Hatch is always recognized at ICAST and IFTD for their improved design of the Finatic. Beyond that, however, Hatch customers are some of the most loyal in the business. The Finatic is just that good. Shop all sizes and colors of the Hatch Finatic here with FREE SHIPPING on all US orders and our price match guarantee. We promise you won’t be disappointed.