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Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel Review

Should function beat out beauty? We put the Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel to the test in our in-depth review. 

Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel Review

Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel Review

Should function beat out beauty? We put the Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel to the test in our in-depth review. 

Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel Review

Hardy was founded in 1872 by William Hardy, a gunsmith from Alnwick, England. Soon after being founded, the company shifted from guns to fishing. By 1891, they built the first Hardy Perfect fly reel. These reels were the standard for fly fishing quality for many years. Even today, Hardy reels inspire visions of fishing on English chalk streams. Let's take a look at some of Hardy's most popular reel series.

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  1. Hardy Ultradisc Fly Reel
    $350.00 - $425.00
  2. Hardy Marquis LWT Fly Reel
    $375.00 - $495.00
  3. Hardy Fortuna Regent Fly Reel
    $750.00 - $950.00
  4. Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel
    $595.00 - $650.00
  5. Hardy Wide Spool Perfect Fly Reel
    $675.00 - $875.00
  6. Hardy Bougle Fly Reel
    $595.00 - $695.00
  7. Hardy Lightweight Fly Reel
    $499.00 - $549.00
  8. Hardy Perfect 1912 Fly Reel
  9. Hardy Ultraclick Fly Reel
  10. Hardy Cascapedia Fly Reel
    $695.00 - $895.00
  11. Hardy Zane Carbon Fly Reel
    $450.00 - $595.00
  12. Hardy 1939 Bougle Fly Reel
    $695.00 - $795.00
  13. Hardy Ultradisc Cassette Fly Reel
    $350.00 - $495.00
  14. Hardy Zane Carbon Spare Spool
    $225.00 - $295.00
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Hardy Ultraclick Fly Reel:

The Hardy Ultraclick Fly Reel is a lightweight, high-performance fly reel designed for modern trout fishing. With a minimalist design and a unique click-check drag system, it provides smooth, consistent line retrieval and control. The Ultraclick features a 6061 barstock aluminum construction and a large arbor for fast line pick-up. Its sleek aesthetics and laser-engraved logo make it a visually appealing choice for anglers looking for an all-around performance fly reel.

Hardy Ultradisc Fly Reel:
The Hardy Ultradisc Fly Reel is an innovative, fully-sealed reel designed for versatile fly fishing applications. Combining a strong, lightweight 6061 aluminum construction with a smooth Rulon disc drag system, it provides excellent line control and durability. The quick-change spool system and large arbor design ensure fast, efficient line management, while its attractive design and high-quality finish make it a favorite among serious anglers.

Hardy Zane Carbon Fly Reel:
The Hardy Zane Carbon Fly Reel is a cutting-edge, saltwater-ready fly reel built for power and precision. Its carbon fiber frame provides exceptional strength and rigidity, while the sealed disc drag system ensures smooth, consistent line control. The large arbor design allows for quick line retrieval, making the Zane Carbon ideal for big game and fast-moving saltwater species.

Hardy Fortuna Regent Fly Reel:
The Hardy Fortuna Regent Fly Reel is a premium, large-capacity fly reel designed for big game and saltwater fishing. With a robust, fully-sealed drag system and a 6061 barstock aluminum construction, it offers superb durability and performance in harsh conditions. The large arbor design ensures fast line retrieval, while the unique multi-spoke design and high-quality finish make it a visually appealing and reliable choice for serious anglers.

Hardy Marquis:
The Hardy Marquis is a classic, time-tested fly reel that has earned a reputation for reliability and performance. With a dependable click-and-pawl drag system, precision-engineered brass construction, and a traditional aesthetic, it offers a vintage feel with modern functionality. The Marquis is suitable for a wide range of fly fishing applications and is beloved by generations of anglers for its quality and classic design.

Hardy Cascapedia:
The Hardy Cascapedia is a stunning, handcrafted fly reel that combines modern performance with traditional craftsmanship. Its unique S-shaped handle and classic design pay homage to the original 1930s model, while the fully-sealed disc drag system provides smooth, consistent line control. Made from high-quality aluminum, the Cascapedia is a reliable and stylish choice for anglers who appreciate the blend of form and function.

Hardy 1939 Bougle:
The Hardy 1939 Bougle is a limited-edition, commemorative fly reel that celebrates the rich heritage of Hardy fly reels. Based on the original Bougle design, it features a classic click-and-pawl drag system, precision-engineered aluminum construction, and an elegant, vintage aesthetic. The 1939 Bougle is a collector's piece and a tribute to the long-standing tradition of Hardy craftsmanship.

Hardy Narrow Spool Perfect:
The Hardy Narrow Spool Perfect is a versatile, mid-arbor fly reel that offers smooth line control and a classic design. Its click-and-pawl drag system provides a reliable, traditional feel, while the machined aluminum construction ensures durability and longevity. The Narrow Spool Perfect is ideal for a variety of fly fishing applications and is a favorite among anglers who appreciate the elegance and performance of a classic Hardy reel.

Hardy reels have continued to drive fly reel innovation since 1891. Hardy’s history and experience contribute to every reel they make. When you purchase Hardy, you’re getting a high-performance, high-quality product that is designed to perform. Whether you're seeking the latest in high-performance or classic good looks, look no further than Hardy reels. Hardy reels ship for FREE from tridentflyfishing.com. Shop the complete selection of Hardy reels today.