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  1. Hardy Ultraclick Fly Reel
  2. Hardy Marquis LWT Fly Reel
  3. Hardy Fortuna Z Fly Reel
  4. Hardy 1939 Bougle Fly Reel
  5. Hardy Ultradisc Fly Reel
  6. Hardy Wide Spool Perfect Fly Reel
  7. Hardy Zane Carbon Fly Reel
  8. Hardy Ultralite MTX-S Fly Reel
  9. Hardy Cascapedia Fly Reel
  10. Hardy Bougle Fly Reel
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Hardy was founded in 1872 by William Hardy, a gunsmith from Alnwick, England. Soon after being founded, the company shifted from guns to fishing. By 1891, they built the first Hardy Perfect fly reel. These reels were the standard for fly fishing quality for many years. Even today, Hardy reels inspire visions of fishing on English chalk streams.

The Perfect is still produced to this day and remains a quintessential Hardy reel. The 2013 Perfect still features much of the same features as the original, but its made of great modern materials. Be on the lookout for special editions! The Hardy Perfect Diamond Jubilee is the perfect companion for a custom bamboo rod.

But Hardy has come a long way from the first Perfect. In 2011, Hardy released the acclaimed Ultralight DD. The Ultralight DD features an extra large arbor - much larger than even supposed "large arbors" set on a narrow frame. The narrow size means that you'll have to do less line winding. Combine high-tech with rugged good looks, and what do you have? A Hardy fly reel.

Need the ultimate weapon for tarpon and other big game? There's a Hardy reel for that too. The new Fortuna X fly reel was designed in conjunction with legendary tarpon angler (and a pretty good skier), Andy Mill. With up to 32lbs of drag, the Fortuna is one of the toughest reels on the market. It features a fully sealed drag that's tested by submerging the reel and then freezing it - so you know that there's absolutely no chance of corrosion in the salt. Need more evidence? Check out the videos of Andy catching sharks and you'll be hooked too.

New to the Hardy lineup is the Hardy Ultralite MTX Fly Reel. The MTX has a hybrid carbon fiber/ alloy main frame design that promotes durability and a lightweight design. The MTX features a carbon fiber drag system with a 340-degree color coded regulator. The MTX has high line capacity and its alloy main frame design is ruggedly durable. This reel is made to fish and is a testament to Hardy’s contemporary fly reel innovation.

Another product of Hardy innovation is the Hardy SDSL Fly Reel. The SDSL series is Hardy’s flagship saltwater reel series. The SDSL has a fully sealed saltwater safe drag system, is machined from barstock 6061 Alloy, and features a disc drag system. The SDSL has an appealing saltwater color scheme and is one of the most functional saltwater reels on the market today. These reels come in saltwater specific sizes including reels that are designed for rods from a 6wt to a 12 wt. Hardy durability and design is extremely evident in the SDSL.

Hardy reels have continued to drive fly reel innovation since 1891. Hardy’s history and experience contribute to every reel they make. When you purchase Hardy, you’re getting a high-performance, high-quality product that is designed to perform. Whether you're seeking the latest in high-performance or classic good looks, look no further than Hardy reels. Hardy reels ship for FREE from tridentflyfishing.com. Shop the complete selection of Hardy reels today.