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  1. Galvan Torque Fly Reel
    $400.00 - $590.00
  2. Galvan Brookie Fly Reel
    $275.00 - $305.00
  3. Galvan Euro Nymph (G.E.N) Fly Reel
    $460.00 - $485.00
  4. Galvan Rush Light Fly Reel
    $295.00 - $455.00
  5. Galvan Grip Fly Reel
    $540.00 - $690.00
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Galvan has been manufacturing some of the finest fly reels for over 20 years. Beyond superior quality reel construction, however, Galvan stands for family-run business and American manufacturing. The company’s mission to make quality products at affordable prices right here in the USA is timeless. Galvan is also on the cutting-edge of research and design. Every Galvan reel is designed, manufactured, and assembled in Sonora California. Galvan’s design and innovation have stood the test of time in today’s fly fishing market. Classic Galvan reels are known for their smoothness, reliability, and functionality. The Galvan family of reels includes a variety of makes and models that allow anglers to tackle any fishing scenario.

One of Galvan’s most popular reel series’ is the Galvan Grip Fly Reel. The Grip is known for uncompromising craftsmanship, superior innovation, and extreme durability. This saltwater series from Galvan has a fully sealed drag system and a corrosion resistant design. The Grip includes the heavy-duty construction Galvan is known for with a few contemporary additions. Galvan additions to the Grip include 2 Hybrid ceramic ball bearings, increased carbon fiber, and a watertight drag design. The result of Galvan’s attention to detail in the Grip’s drag system is a silky smooth reel that is made to perform in harsh saltwater conditions. If you’re an avid saltwater angler, the Grip is a reel made for you.

A more versatile Galvan reel, the Torque, caters to freshwater and saltwater anglers alike. The Torque has a long history. Galvan tested and modified the Torque from 2002-2004 before releasing a model to the public. The testing, research, and design time put into the Torque contribute to the reel’s expert craftsmanship. The reel sports a unique cutout of the frame, spool, drag knob and foot that sets it apart from other reels in the Galvan lineup. The Torque is truly a reel driven by efficiency and simplicity. The result? Insane functionality and a reel that outperforms the rest.

Galvan’s mid-priced reel series, the Galvan Rush Light Fly Reel, is rugged, ultra-smooth, and affordable. The Rush Light has been modified and improved since its inception in 2005 - a trademark of Galvan innovation. The new and improved Rush Light is lightweight, durable, and reliable. The Rush Light has a large arbor design for fast line pickup and versatile fishing capabilities. The newest design of the Rush Light also features an open back, tri-spoke design to minimize weight without sacrificing structural strength. This may be the most value-packed reel on the market today.

The Galvan Brookie series is another mid-priced reel series from Galvan. While the Rush Light’s durability and design cater to saltwater anglers, the Brookie is a freshwater reel series. The simplicity of the Brookie reel means decreased weight and no-frills performance. The Brookie has a click-ball tension system similar to traditional click and pawl reels. Galvan’s click-ball tension system is more durable and higher-performing than the traditional click and pawl design, however. The Brookie also has a fully machined weatherproof finish. This finish contributes to the reel’s bulletproof design. You’d be hardpressed to find a fully machined, value-packed reel that outperforms the Brookie.

The Galvan GEN Euro Nymph Fly Reel is a specialized reel specifically designed to cater to the needs of Euro nymphing enthusiasts. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this reel combines performance, durability, and aesthetics to create the ultimate nymphing experience. Made from high-quality materials, the GEN Euro Nymph Fly Reel ensures a lightweight yet sturdy build, essential for maintaining balance and sensitivity while Euro nymphing.

Galvan innovation and craftsmanship have endured throughout the last few decades. Galvan’s ability to design, re-design, tweak and re-tweak existing reels contribute to the company’s award-winning tech advancements. Galvan does things differently. Their ability to think outside the box is a huge reason we’re such big fans of Galvan Reels. Shop the complete collection of Galvan reels on our website with FREE SHIPPING on all US orders.