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Echo is a fly fishing company located in Vancouver, Washington. The vision of Tim Rajeff, Echo makes rods, reels, and apparel. Tim Rajeff is a well-known casting champion from the western US. Rajeff began his career as a member of the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club in San Francisco. Many years, and many casting medals later, Rajeff decided he wanted to share his experience and expertise with the world. Echo was born. Many anglers know Echo for their affordable rods. However, they also make some of the most affordable fly reels on the market. Echo reels include the Echo Bravo, Echo Ion Fly Reel, and the Echo Base.

The Echo Base is Echo’s entry-level freshwater reel series. The Base is one of the most affordable reels on the market. The reel is perfect for novice anglers or as a backup reel for experienced fly fishermen. The Base sports an impact-resistant composite frame and stainless inner reel components. The reel also has low start-up resistance, Rulon disc drag system, and a classy black finish. For its price-point, the Base is a hard reel to outdo. The Base comes in sizes from 2wt through 8wt to fit a variety of freshwater fly rods. Simple, clean, reliable - the Base gets the job done and doesn’t break the bank.

Echo’s “workhorse” reel series is the Echo Ion reel. The Ion is a slight upgrade from the Base. While the base is made for freshwater fishing applications, the Ion comes in sizes from 2wt through 12wt and can be used in either fresh or saltwater. The Ion has a large arbor hybrid machined/cast design. This means an angler has to take special care of the reel if he/she plans on using the Ion in the salt. That being said, the reel has a durable alloy construction and a maintenance-free drag system that make it a prime candidate for saltwater fly fishing scenarios. In classic Echo style, the Ion is also minimalist - lightweight, quality, and void of superfluous elements.

While the Ion can be used in the salt, Echo also makes a salt-specific reel series called the Echo Bravo. One of the most important features on the Bravo is the saltwater-safe PIT STOP drag system. This system is made from maintenance-free carbon fiber designed to withstand the rigors of saltwater fly fishing. The Bravo also includes a large arbor design for increased line pickup capabilities. The Bravo is built with a solid, durable aluminum alloy construction. The design of the Bravo makes this reel one of the most value-packed fly reels in the world of saltwater.

Echo reels certainly aren’t the most expensive reels in the world of fly fishing. Echo’s mission has always been centered around affordability and access. In building affordable reels, however, Echo opens the fly fishing industry up to a novice audience and provides them quality products. Echo reels are great for beginners, as backups, or even as an angler’s primary reel. Tim Rajeff’s vision is alive and well in everything Echo does. Shop the complete collection of Echo Reels with our price match guarantee and FREE SHIPPING on all US orders.