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Douglas Outdoors is most well-known for their fly rods. Douglas is based in upstate New York and is closely tied with the Salmon River and other tributaries of the Great Lakes. While the company is relatively new, Douglas has quickly become known for creating some of the industry’s top rods and reels. Douglas fly reels are a prime example of Douglas innovation and craftsmanship. Douglas has three series’ of reels including the Douglas Argus, the Argus Rex, and the Nexus.

The Douglas Argus is a traditional click-check reel. The Argus has an old-fashioned fit and finish for anglers who are partial to click reels of old. These reels are extremely durable and pay homage to the legacy of click fly fishing reels. The Argus is machined with bar stock 6061 aircraft aluminum. The reel also has a marine brass reel foot, a laser textured palming rim and comes with a drawstring reel bag. The Argus is made in upstate New York with the very finest materials. This reel series from Douglas Outdoors combines legacy, tradition, craftsmanship, and durability. The Argus is a stellar option for seasoned anglers who prefer old-fashioned style or novice anglers who want a reel that harkens back to reels of old.

The brother of the Argus, the Argus Rex, maintains the style and functionality of the Argus but adds larger, heavier reels to target bigger fish. The Rex has a drag that screams and a heavier frame than the Argus. The anodizing, reel foot, and machining on the Rex are the same as the Argus. These reels come in 9, 10, and 11wt reel models made to be partnered with large rods for big water applications. These reels are a combination of contemporary technology and traditional style. If you’re a click reel fan, the Argus and the Argus Rex are phenomenal fishing tools for a variety of fly fishing applications.

Douglas’ final reel series, the Douglas Nexus, is a do-it-all series. The Nexus comes in models from 4wt through 8wt. The Nexus is a more contemporary-looking reel with a type 2 anodized finish and super lite construction. The Nexus is also easy to switch from left to right-hand retrieve. The Nexus minimizes torque and maximizes drag to create a reel that can truly do-it-all. The lightweight design and durable finish on the Nexus mean it’s the perfect reel for exploring new water or fishing on your favorite river. This reel series from Douglas comes with a neoprene reel pouch for easy reel transportability. Douglas has made a truly versatile reel in the Nexus.

Douglas Outdoors, while known for their fly rods, also makes some quality fly reels. As Douglas continues to grow as a company, we expect they’ll come out with more reels in the future. Douglas reels are made in upstate New York and promote American-made craftsmanship and attention to detail. Shop for the Argus, Argus Rex, and Nexus with our price match guarantee and FREE SHIPPING on all US orders. We also carry a complete selection of Douglas fly rods.