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  1. Cheeky Limitless Fly Reel
  2. Cheeky Preload Fly Reel
  3. Cheeky Launch Triple Play
  4. Cheeky Launch Fly Reel
  5. Cheeky Sighter Fly Reel
    Cheeky Sighter Fly Reel
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  7. Cheeky Sighter Spare Spool
    Cheeky Sighter Spare Spool
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Cheeky Reels is a relatively new company. Built in 2009 by four friends, Cheeky struggled through prototyping, research, and development in their early years. We’re sure glad they did. In 2011, Cheeky launched their first reel. From the outset, Cheeky set out to be different than the rest. The company was founded on a desire to create colorful reel aesthetics and a reel that outperformed the rest. Their first reel was bright yellow and blue, a victory in their first mission. But the fly fishing world quickly realized that Cheeky had, in fact, also created a reel that pushed industry innovation. Over the last few years, Cheeky has produced a variety of reel models that reflect their mission. The company has also grown in popularity over the last few years and now has a pretty substantial following. Despite the company’s growth, however, Cheeky continues to maintain their original mission to design and manufacture the finest and flashiest reels on the market.

Cheeky’s first reel was the Mojo 425. While the Mojo 425 has since been discontinued, Cheeky’s current reel offerings reflect the thought and planning that went into that first reel. One such reel is the Cheeky Limitless Fly Reel. The Limitless is available in 5 sizes from 2wt through 16wt. These reels are Cheeky’s flagship reel series and their most expensive offering. Here’s what you pay for when you buy a Limitless: impenetrable Gasket Drag System (fully sealed), fully machined high-grade aerospace aluminum design, integrated reel foot, incredible line capacity, MAX arbor design, and more. The Limitless is simply a BEAST on the water.

Looking for a more affordable Cheeky reel option? The Cheeky Boost is a mid-priced reel series from Cheeky that’s based on 15 months of R&D, field testing, and engineering. The Boost’s color scheme is catchy, but the reel is more than looks. Boost reels feature a rev carbon fiber drag system, MAX arbor, lightweight design, high retrieval rates, and quick spool change capabilities. Similar to the Limitless, this reel is packed with high-tech features made for the water. The Boost is made specifically for species like large Trout, Carp, Steelhead, Salmon, and Bass, but can really be used to fish for almost anything that swims.

Cheeky’s commitment to designing and building the best reels in the industry is evident in the Boost and the Limitless. Cheeky reels are fished all over New England and around the world by experts and enthusiasts alike. Cheeky has also broadened its focus in creating pliers, tools, and other fly fishing apparel and accessories. Cheeky is truly hitting their stride in the world of fly fishing. We’re certainly excited to see what the guys over at Cheeky dream up next, and you should be, too. Check in periodically for the very newest additions to the Cheeky family of reels. Shop Cheeky reels with our price match guarantee and FREE SHIPPING on all US orders.