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Sage calls the 6000 series the "pinnacle of contemporary fly reel design," and with an advanced drag system and lightweight design it's easy to see why! The Sage 6000 fly reel combines the company's excellent SCS drag system with a range of other features to create an excellent reel.

The 6000 model is the successor to the popular Sage 3000 series. The 3000 series was a proven reel, but the 6000 improves on it in a number of ways. These include an easier system for changing from left to right handed retrieve and a superior spool latch system.

Despite its SCS drag system, the Sage 6000 fly reel is a relatively lightweight model, letting you cast further and longer. The sealed system also prevents sand, water and dirt from getting into the drag system. Sealed reels last longer than non-sealed alternatives and don't require any maintenance beyond rinsing.

Durability is essential for any reel, and the Sage 6000 doesn't disappoint in this respect. It has increased spool and frame rigidity compared to other models, meaning it's capable of dealing with tough conditions and big fish.

Other features of the Sage 6000 fly reel include a single rotation drag handle, complete with number settings, and a quick change spool system. The drag handle makes it easy to strip out line when you need it, and the numbers provide a reference for reverting back quickly. The Sage 6000 fly reel comes with a ballistic storage case. New colors are available.

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