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1 Plus - The smallest reel in the Hatch lineup. This reel is designed for the smallest mountain streams and spring creeks where bringing a 3 weight feels like overkill. Just enough drag, but drastically reduced weight to balance ultralight rods.

3 Plus - Hatch's quintessential trout reel. The 3 plus was designed for 3-5 weight lines, but still has the awesome Hatch feel we've grown to love. Want to do some ultralight saltwater fishing? Choose the mid-arbor spool for a little extra backing

4 Plus - We think of this as Hatch's "big trout reel". It's got enough room for a 200 grain sink tip for chucking streamers to big browns, but also balances a 10' 4-weight nymphing rod really well. Take it to your local stream or when hunting for 30" fish in New Zealand.

5 Plus - Do it all with the 5 Plus. Bonefish in Belize, summer stealhead, small stripers and baby tarpon - this is the reel for you. Lot's of buttery smooth drag to bring bringing a 3 weight feels like overkill. Just enough drag, but drastically reduced weight to balance ultralight rods.

7 Plus - The ultimate in versatility, the 7 Plus is the ideal pairing for any 8-weight rod. With a large arbor spool it's ideal for everything from snook to redfish to bones. Add a mid-arbor spool and you've got a great 9-weight reel for permit and stripers. Add Gel Spun and you've got enough backing for smaller tarpon.

9 Plus - Going tarpon fishing in the keys? Spey casting for Atlantic salmon on the Miramichi? The 9 Plus is your reel. It's massive drag will slow even the biggest quarry.

11 Plus - Big Tarpon. This is your reel. Enough said.

12 Plus - This reel was designed to take fly fishing to places where we don't necessarily think about fly fishing. I'm talking about true bluewater situations: Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna
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Hatch Finatic Fly Reel - Mid Arbor Reviews

Very Solid Reel Review by Jason
Posted on 8/30/16
Nothing is perfect, and neither is the Hatch Finatic, but it comes pretty close.

The feel of the this reel is fantastic. Reeling is sturdy, the drag knob adjustment is super smooth and positive, craftmanship and finish are excellent. Drag itself is very smooth with a fish on. Reel removal is simple with a big silver knob and oversized-threaded stud that seats onto a star-pattern internally for a positive match. I've got other reels from other manufacturers that do the threaded stud and knob but this is much beefier than I've ever seen. Very nice neoprene reel cover with a large flap for wrapping over the reel when it's on a rod. Nice touch. Too many manufacturers skimp on the cover.

The reel seat is machined - as opposed to almost 9/10 other manufacturers out there who bolt on the reel seat. While this machine work is fantastic, it does mean you're hosed if you accidentally drop the reel and bend the reel seat. I'm sure you could send it back to Hatch and they'd repair/rebend it.
That would be my only knock - just be careful and don't drop it and bounce the reel seat off a rock.

I bough the 7+ in a mid-arbor as I'm using it on a Sage 6126-4 for summer runs. Fantastic balance at 8.6 oz and tons of room for fat heads or long belly lines plus 20lb running line and 150 yards of Hatch backing. Could probably hold another 100yds for those that like go crazy on backing. I also have the large arbor spool, which I use with a 9 foot, Winston B3 8 weight. It's a bit on the heavy side for use on this particular 8 weight... I do feel the B3 -8 is a fairly light rod and leans towards being a 7. The Hatch 7+ would match perfectly with a "traditional" single hand weight 8, or especially a 9 weight single hander.
Just a great reel Review by Mike
Posted on 11/12/15
I own the 5 plus and have used it for everything from small trout in WY to a 30 lb snook in Belize. The reel took a tremendous beating on the Belize trip, and due to my own negligence, sat in it's salt water soaked state for over a week. When i finally realized my mistake i cleaned it up and went fishing. Not a hiccup, not a slip up, it performed like the day it was purchased. I landed a 5 lb steelhead that day, who took plenty of line out against a tight drag. Its a great reel
great reel,excellent Review by robert
Posted on 6/14/15
I bought the fanatic 4+ clear/green.I used it once so far and very impressed with it,the clear/green goes great with my 8 Winston rods.Smooth,lightweight.
Best of the best Review by Nicholas
Posted on 12/3/14
It's easy enough to find out specifics on HATCH Reels so my evaluation is with time on the river. I have several HATCH reels, but use my 9+ the most. I fish the Salmon River for steelhead with a two-hand rod. It balances so well. These are solid reels, and even with a mid-arbor there is backing to spare. My life is busy and days on the water few, I typically hate spending time having to keep up with maintenance-not a problem. Basically rinse it and you're done. This drag is so sweet it redefines what music really is.
Best reel out there Review by Richard
Posted on 10/9/14
I have a 9 Plus Hatch Finatic, which I use with 11 weight lines. I've heard some complaints that the smaller Hatch reels (5 plus, 7 plus) don't have enough drag strength. While I can't comment on those reels, the 9 Plus reel has as much drag strength as the traditionally dominant reels in this line size, like Abel and Tibor. The Hatch drag is easily as strong as Abel or Tibor reels (which I also use), but is noticeably more consistent and very smooth. I would not hesitate to recommend this reel for anything from albies to tarpon, maybe even blackfin tuna. Fantastic reel.

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Model Diameter Weight Arbor Size Drag Type Capacity Line Weight Color Price  
4 Plus 3.425" 5.2 Mid Disc WF6F+130 4, 5, 6 Clear/Blue $299.99
4 Plus 3.425" 5.2 Mid Disc WF6F+130 4, 5, 6 Black/Silver $299.99
9 Plus 4.25" 10.6 Mid Disc WF12F+265 9, 10, 11, 12 Clear/Blue $449.99
9 Plus 4.25" 10.6 Mid Disc WF12F+265 9, 10, 11, 12 Clear/Red $449.99
9 Plus 4.25" 10.6 Mid Disc WF12F+265 9, 10, 11, 12 Clear/Black $449.99
11 Plus 4.625" 11.1 Mid Disc WF12F+400 11, 12 Clear/Black $489.99
12 Plus 5.0" 15.6 Mid Disc WF12F+1000 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Clear/Green $529.99
12 Plus 5.0" 15.6 Mid Disc WF12F+1000 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Clear/Black $529.99
4 Plus 3.425" 5.2 Mid Disc WF6F+130 4, 5, 6 Black/Orange $299.99
11 Plus 4.625" 11.1 Mid Disc WF12F+400 11, 12 Black/Orange $489.99
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