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Fishpond Upstream Tech Vest | Insider Review

Fishpond Upstream Tech Vest | Insider Review

Fishpond Upstream Tech Vest | Insider Review

Fishpond Upstream Tech Vest | Insider Review

Fly fishing vests offer ample storage with various pockets for gear, balancing convenience and comfort. They distribute weight evenly, ensuring ease of movement and accessibility to essentials. Ideal for anglers of all levels, these vests are a staple for those seeking efficient organization and a traditional fishing experience.

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  11. Simms Flyweight Vest Pack
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    Fishpond Sagebrush Pro Mesh Vest
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Fly fishing vests have been used to store flies, gear, tools, and gadgets since the beginning of the sport. If you’ve ever seen photos of fly fishing in the 20th century, chances are you’ve seen an angler holding a bamboo fly rod wearing a bucket hat and a vest. Vests help an angler store on-the-water necessities and offer easy access to a fly box, nippers, tippet, leader and more. Although vests are originally ‘old-fashioned’, leading fly fishing companies continue to innovate and improve on the traditional vest design. Companies like Simms, Orvis, and more now make vests that are lightweight, durable, functional, and stylish. A vest no longer means you have to look like an outdated angler. 


While the majority of our vest collection is made up of fishing-specific vests, we also carry insulated vests that provide warmth under your waders and style when you’re out with your friends. Orvis Men’s and Women’s PRO Insulated Vest, for example, is a stylish alternative to an underlayer that keeps your torso warm on the water and on dry land. Similarly, Simms makes a Midstream Insulated Vest that works well in all scenarios. 


In terms of technical fishing vests, Fishpond is at the top of their game. Fishpond vests are made sustainably and feature award-winning innovation that passes storage efficiency down to the angler. Fishpond is a well-known company in the fly fishing world and their vests are a large reason why. The Fishpond Sagebrush Mesh Vest is a prime example of Fishpond’s research and design. The mesh vest is durable, cool, and lightweight with pockets for a host of tools. This vest truly makes a day on the water more productive and more enjoyable. 


If you prefer a simple, affordable vest with plenty of storage capabilities but without the high price tag, the Orvis Clearwater Fishing Vest is a great option. This vest has a classic aesthetic and features multiple pockets for a variety of tools. Another simple vest that’s affordable and high-performing is the Fishpond Flint Hills Vest. The Flint Hills Vest isn’t as old-fashioned as the Orvis vest and has breathable mesh built-in along with features that allow an angler to easily access and store materials, tools, and more. 


Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Simms in a conversation about vests. Simms is one of the most popular companies in fishing gear and they make some of the nicest vests on the market. The Simms G3 Guide Vest probably has the most features out of any vest we carry. If you’re a serious angler or a guide, consider the G3. But Simms has vests for the intermediate angler, too. The Simms Headwaters Pro Mesh Vest is half the price of the G3 Guide Vest and features plenty of room to store flies, gadgets, and more. 


Whichever vest you choose to wear on the water, we’ve got a complete collection including Simms, Orvis, Fishpond, and more. Our large selection is great for beginners and expert anglers alike and we even offer vests that are insulated for layering and weatherproof performance. The best part? All of our vests SHIP FOR FREE. Shop Now!