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Travel is a big part of fly fishing. Local streams are great and all but exploring different waters is part of what makes angling so alluring. Flying to Central America to target Bonefish or to Patagonia for trout makes fishing, exploring, and vacationing much more fun. If you’re a traveling angler, carrying all of the necessary gear on planes or long road trips can be difficult. Packing your gear as tightly as possible so you don’t take up too much space is important. Luckily, the top fly fishing gear brands have designed luggage and duffel bags specifically for this purpose. From rod and reel bags that you can carry onto the plane to duffel bags that are fully submersible, we have the best travel fly fishing bags from the top manufacturers in the industry right here. 


Carry-on rod and reel cases are popular among traveling anglers. These cases are specifically designed to fit fly rods and reels so that you can carry your essential gear onto the plane with you and jump off of the plane ready to fish. The Simms Bounty Hunter Vault is one such bag. This bag carries up to 8 fly rods and 8-10 fly reels so you don’t have to leave any rod at home. It’s well-padded and features extra protection so that you can always be confident your gear is safe. This bag is easy to carry and highly efficient to make navigating the airport and flights easy and enjoyable. Fishpond also makes a similar bag called the Fishpond Dakota Carry-On Rod and Reel Case. This case has a similar capacity to the Simms Bounty Hunter Vault and packs tons of storage into a bag that you can easily carry onto a plane or throw in the back of your truck. 


If you’re traveling to a fishery that gets a lot of rain or your gear is strapped to the side of a raft and likely to get wet, choose a waterproof duffel bag. Fishpond makes a few waterproof duffel bags that are great for a variety of scenarios. The Fishpond Thunderhead Roll-Top Duffel Bag offers roll-top performance and easy-carry capabilities. The adjustable straps and user-friendly design mean that the decision to carry an extra jacket or a warm underlayer has never been so easy. The Thunderhead Submersible Duffel Bag is a beefed-up version that comes with a heavy-duty zipper instead of a roll-top design. The TIZIP main cargo zipper is extremely durable and easy to zip so that you can access your gear whenever you need it. 


If waterproof capabilities aren’t a priority, the simple Simms Taco Bag features a large circular design that easily zips so you can store wet gear, waders, boots, and more. Taking your waders off and storing them with your boots is made easy by this intuitive design that has stood the test of time. Simms makes some of the most user-friendly gear in the industry and this Taco Bag is no exception. 


Fishpond also makes some great lifestyle bags if you split time between the office and the river. Check out the Fishpond Jagged Basin Duffel for all of your large gear needs or the Fishpond Boulder Briefcase for smaller gear. Regardless of your Luggage and Duffel Bag needs, we sell the best gear at the lowest prices with our price match guarantee so you can always be sure you’re getting the best gear at the lowest prices. 

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