Tungsten Bead Head Flies

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Many anglers have started substituting a split shot weight for weighted flies when nymphing. A weighted fly allows you to get a better drift and keep your flies in a trout’s feeding zone longer. Tungsten flies have become increasingly popular for Euro Nymphing, tight line nymphing, and regular indicator nymphing. Tungsten adds extra weight to your fly and takes away the need for a split shot. Tungsten bead head nymphs are hugely practical and highly efficient. These flies help anglers catch more fish on the water. We have a large selection of Tungsten Bead Head Flies from caddis nymphs to mayfly nymphs and everything in between. If you’re an avid nymph trout angler, start building your nymph selection here with flies that will drop quickly in the water column and increase your chances of success on the river.

Popular tungsten flies include the Prince Nymph and other attractor nymphs. Technically, the Prince Nymph doesn’t imitate a specific insect but features a profile that could imitate a variety of nymphs. From stoneflies to mayflies, a Prince Nymph helps anglers prospect new water when you’re not quite sure what is hatching. We have a variety of Tungsten Prince Nymphs including the Tungsten Bead Prince, Tungsten Bead Flash Prince, and the Jigged Tungsten Prince. These flies work well as a point fly on a double nymph rig or as on a Euro Nymphing setup. 


Other attractor tungsten nymphs include the Tungsten Jigged Hare’s Ear, Gold Ribbed Tungsten Hare’s Ear, and others. Hare’s Ear flies often imitate smaller stoneflies but can also be eaten as a cased-caddis or mayfly. These flies offer a lifelike profile in the water and catch a feeding trout’s attention with realistic colors. Similarly, the Pheasant Tail is another mayfly attractor nymph. While it doesn’t imitate a specific mayfly, the PT is a great fly when smaller insects are present in a specific fishery. From the Tungsten Pheasant Tail to the Jigged CDC Pheasant Tail, we’ve got a variety of PT nymphs for all your nymphing needs.


Midges and smaller tailwater bugs are also found in many trout fisheries, specifically tailwater fisheries. We have a solid selection of midges and Baetis nymphs from the Tungsten Bead Magic Fly to the Thin Tungsten Zebra Midge. These flies are ideal for clear water angling scenarios when trout are feeding on smaller bugs and aren’t willing to eat a larger stonefly or caddis. These patterns are great for picky trout and can be fished productively year-round. 


If you’re looking for a fly with a larger profile, we have Tungsten Stonefly patterns, too. The Tungsten Jigged Rubberlegs is a great pattern for western freestone rivers like the Yellowstone. If you’re looking for a more lifelike Stonefly nymph, check out the Tungsten Rolling Stone or the Tungsten 20-Incher Stone. The Crystal Bugger Jig can also be used to imitate a larger insect or a small baitfish and works well as a lead fly on a double nymph rig. 


Regardless of your nymphing needs/preferences, we have a large variety of Tungsten flies to help you catch more fish on the river. If you’re searching for Euro Nymphing flies, check out our Euro Nymphing & Jig category for a larger selection of nymphs.