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  1. Woolly Bugger Streamer Fly
  2. Bead Head Crystal Bugger Fly
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  3. Dolly Llama Streamer Fly
  4. Baby Gonga Fly
  5. Conehead Sparkle Minnow Fly
  6. Bennetts Lunch Money Fly
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  7. Chocklett's Polar Changer Fly
    $16.99 - $18.69
  8. Pine Squirrel Leech Fly
  9. Chocklett's Feather Changer Fly
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  10. Shiela Sculpin Fly
  11. Gray Ghost Fly
  12. Dirty Hippy Fly
  13. Bunny Leech Streamer Fly
  14. Slumpbuster Streamer Fly
  15. Mini Loop Sculpin Fly
  16. Galloup's Boogieman Fly
  17. Sculpzilla Fly
  18. Krafts Kreelex Fly
  19. Galloup's T & A Bunker Fly
  20. Loop Sculpin Fly
  21. MFC Drunk & Disorderly Fly
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The big bug movement has gained momentum and popularity in recent years. People love catching LARGE fish and one of the most productive ways to do that is by fishing large flies. Streamers are a great way to catch predatory fish that are on the hunt for a big meal. While streamer fishing isn’t always the most productive form of targeting fish, it’s loads of fun when you finally get a fish to eat. Streamers can be used for a variety of freshwater species including Pike, Musky, Trout, Bass, and more. If you’re shopping around for some streamer patterns to build a big bug box, you’ve come to the right place. 


Our streamer collection is centered around freshwater fishing. These flies are used to catch Trout, Bass, and other river and lake-based fish. We have a great selection of classic northeastern streamers including the popular Muddler Minnow and multiple smelt patterns. The Black Ghost is a simple smelt pattern than can be used to catch a variety of fish in the early spring just after ice-out. Similarly, the Mickey Finn has long been a popular Maine pattern for hungry Landlocked Salmon and Trout. We also carry the Hornberg, Gray Ghost, and Zonker which are all great patterns for smelt imitations. 


If you’re fishing out west and prefer a sculpin-style streamer, we’ve got those, too. If you’ve spent any time fly fishing, chances are you’ve heard of or fished the Wooly Bugger Streamer. We have a multitude of bugger streamers including a Tungsten Jig Wooly Bugger, a Bead Head Crystal Bugger, and a Crystal Bugger Jig Fly. These flies can be stripped, swung, or fished under an indicator on western freestone rivers when water conditions are dirty. The Bugger isn’t our only Sculpin pattern, however. Try the Slumpbuster if you want to fish a larger fly or the Zonker if you’re fishing shallower water. 


We also have a handful of streamers that are made for fly fishing in Alaska. Alaska is known for its stellar Rainbow Trout fishing but it’s also home to all 5 species of Pacific Salmon, most of which can also be caught on streamer patterns. The Dolly Llama Streamer is a popular Alaskan fly pattern and imitates a Leech in the water. The Kreelex Minnow is also a must-have pattern for Salmon and Trout in the Last Frontier. If you’re targeting Rainbow Trout in late August and September after the Salmon are done spawning, swinging a flesh fly can be a productive approach. The Twofer Flesh Fly and the Choker Fly are both solid patterns and can be swung or dead-drifted to entice a flesh-eating Rainbow Trout. Finally, a Bunny Leech Streamer is also a very productive pattern when fishing streamers to imitate Leeches in AK. 


Regardless of which streamer pattern you’re looking for, we’ve got a full collection with flies that are built for a variety of species. If you haven’t gotten into the big bug game yet and you love to catch large fish, I highly recommend starting right here. All streamer flies, and all of the products on our website, SHIP FOR FREE and come with a low price guarantee so you can be sure you’re always getting the best products at the lowest prices. Shop Now!