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Peacock Bass are predatory freshwater fish native to the Amazon and rivers of South America. These fish, like Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, are ambush predators who capitalize on big meals including baitfish, crustaceans, and more. These fish are brightly colored, put up a great fight on a fly rod, and often leap into the air after they’re hooked. They also can be caught in places in Florida and the southern US. You can use a variety of flies to target these ambush feeders but we’ve collected some of our favorites to help you get started. 


Peacock Bass, like regular Bass, eat a variety of minnow patterns and baitfish. Because they’re ambush feeders, they’re really an opportunistic fish so they’ll often eat anything that swims by. The Big Fish Deceiver and the Deceiver are great patterns for Peacocks. These flies have a large profile in the water, push a lot of water, and create a commotion when stripped by a Peacock Bass. They’re tied on durable hooks and are flies that are more commonly used for saltwater fishing. 


Other patterns that work well for Peacock Bass include the Crystal Bugger Jig Fly. This pattern is heavily weighted to sink quickly and spend maximum time in the feeding zone of the fish. It imitates a variety of baitfish, sculpin, and leeches. The jig hook gives the fly extra action in the water and allows it to swim vertically when retrieved with a strip. This is a great pattern for fooling aggressive Peacock Bass. 


Another fly we have listed as a Peacock Bass fly is the Clouser Minnow. This is a well-known pattern used for Stripers, saltwater species, and freshwater bass. It’s another fly that has a full profile in the water and imitates a baitfish to grab the attention of a feeding Bass. This is a versatile fly that can be used in a variety of scenarios for a variety of species. It’s tied on a strong hook to help wrangle the largest fish. 


Regardless of your angling approach to target Peacock Bass, we have a variety of flies to cater to any fishing scenario. Our collection is always growing, too, so check back often for more Peacock Bass Flies