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  1. Alaska 'Everything' Fly Selection

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  2. Rio Tarpon Fly Assortment
  3. Rio BWO Dry Fly Assortment
  4. Umpqua Northern Rockies Trout Deluxe Fly Selection
    Umpqua Northern Rockies Trout Deluxe Fly Selection
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  5. Rio Streamer Fly Assortment
  6. Rio Trout Spey Fly Assortment
  7. Umpqua Tungsten Bead Trout Deluxe Fly Selection
    Umpqua Tungsten Bead Trout Deluxe Fly Selection
    was $59.99 Special Price $49.99
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Fly assortments are an easy way to buy pre-selected flies for a specific species or destination in bulk at a discounted price. Fly selections are great for anglers of all skill levels who are fishing in targeted scenarios where a selection of flies is likely to work based on aquatic insects, baitfish, crabs, shrimp, etc. in that specific fishery. We have a large selection of pre-packaged fly selections for every fly fishing scenario from Belize to the Bahamas to Alaska and even the US West. We have selections for Trout, Bass, Bonefish, Permit, and many other species. From dry flies to streamers, these selections are hand-picked by Umpqua for the best chances of success around the globe. 


Bass are one of the most popular gamefish in the US (and have been for decades). These large-mouthed ambush feeders offer anglers the opportunity to catch a big fish on a streamer pattern that will put up a solid fight. Our Umpqua Largemouth Bass Deluxe Fly Selection is the perfect combination of baitfish patterns, larger streamers, and poppers/frog patterns to help you catch the largest Bass in the pond. These flies are tied on strong hooks to ensure maximum durability and a high fish-catching conversion rate. This is one of the best Bass fly selections on the market. 


We also have a variety of fly selections for trout. From the Eastern Trout Selection to the Northern Rockies Trout Selection, we have collections of trout flies for all of your trout fishing needs. The Tungsten Bead Trout Guide Selection is a great package for nymphing and Euro Nymphing. These flies sink quickly and spend more time in the feeding zone of trout. The Southern and Northern Rockies collections also come in deluxe versions and guide versions so you can choose a smaller selection of flies or a larger one. These flies are tied with the highest-quality materials on durable hooks for fish-catching performance that lasts. 


If you’re a saltwater angler, we have fly selections for you, too. If you’re targeting Bonefish/Permit in Belize or the Yucatan, Umpqua’s Belize/Yucatan fly selection comes in two different sizes for the avid angler and for the fanatical angler. These flies are a great mix of Bonefish flies and Permit flies including crab patterns, shrimp patterns, and other popular tropical flies from Umpqua. The Bahamas selections are also great for chasing Bonefish in a tropical environment. These flies are saltwater-ready and can be fished immediately after purchase!


We also have multiple selections for Steelhead and Salmon. The Great Lakes Selections are ideal for Great Lakes Steelhead and include bugger-like streamers, bright nymphs, and egg patterns. The Alaska Selections are great for Rainbow Trout, Silver Salmon, Steelhead, and more. The Alaska selections feature bright flies and leech patterns for a wide variety of classic Alaska trout flies and salmon flies. 


Regardless of what your fly selection needs are, we’ve got a variety of selections to cover most of the popular fly fishing species and destinations.