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  1. Clouser Minnow Fly
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  2. Deceiver Fly
  3. Bennetts Lunch Money Fly
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  4. Skinny Water Clouser Minnow Fly
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  5. Gurgler Fly
  6. Chocklett's Feather Changer Fly
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  7. Big Fish Deceiver Fly
  8. Bass Popper Fly
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  9. Huds Bushwacker Fly
  10. Freaky Frog Fly
  11. Micro Popper Fly
  12. Todds Wiggle Wog Fly
  13. Gummy Minnow Fly
  14. Mouserat Fly
  15. Mushmouth Fly
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  16. EP Pumpkinseed Fly
  17. EP Ghost Minnow Fly
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  18. Dirty Hippy Fly
  19. Galloup's Bighole Bug Fly
  20. LiL Kim Fly
  21. Micro Slider Fly
  22. Chocklett's Gamechanger Fly
  23. Diving Bug Fly
  24. King Rat Fly
  25. Clawdad Fly
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  26. EP A2Z Fly
  27. Brammer Seasoned Geezer Fly
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    EP Yellow Perch Fly
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Fly fishing for Bass is incredibly popular throughout the US and beyond. Bass can be found in a multitude of locations across the US and are arguably the most popular freshwater fish in the country. While anglers pursue Bass in a variety of ways using a variety of techniques, typically streamer fishing is the most productive. Bass are ambush feeders so they are typically found in cover waiting for their next meal. As such, they can often be enticed with a streamer that has a large profile in the water. Bass can also be caught on nymphs, especially in a still water setting, and larger swimming nymphs can also be used to draw them out of hiding to feed. We have a growing collection of Bass flies to help you catch more fish during your next outing on the river or lake. 


Some of the most popular Bass flies are streamers. Chocklett’s Gamechanger, for example, is an articulated streamer that imitates a small baitfish and swims with a lot of movement in the water. This streamer also has a fish-like profile that encourages Bass to ambush it as it swims by. Similarly, the Deceiver, although well-known as a saltwater streamer pattern, is a great fly for Bass, too. This fly has a ton of movement in the water and triggers follows and eats during streamer days on lakes and rivers. 


There are actually a few streamer patterns in this category that are mostly known as saltwater fly patterns. While a few of these patterns are known primarily as saltwater flies, they can also be great freshwater Bass flies in a multitude of settings. The Clouser Minnow, for example, is a great minnow/baitfish pattern for Bass feeding on slim minnows or sculpin-like baitfish. The Clouser comes in a huge selection of colors and sizes. Similarly, the Deceiver is also a well-known saltwater fly. Again, this fly is just a general baitfish pattern so it can be used for freshwater Bass, too. 


There are also a few more minnow/streamer patterns in this fly category. The Murdich’s Wiggler Fly is a fly that can be used for Bass, other freshwater fish species, and even in the saltwater. This pattern is buoyant and floats on the surface to imitate a baitfish swimming on top. It’s a pattern with lively action that’s sure to catch the attention of a feeding Bass. The Big Fish Deceiver and the Skinny Water Minnow Fly are other streamers that are great for Bass. The Skinny Water Minnow kicks up gravel and dirt in shallow water to imitate a bottom-feeding minnow. 


Regardless of your preferred method of catching Bass on a fly rod, we’ve got a complete collection of Bass flies for your next river or lake outing. These flies are high quality and will help you catch the largest Bass in the lake. Best of all? All flies SHIP FOR FREE and come with a price match guarantee to ensure that you’re getting the best products at the lowest prices. Don’t wait, Shop Now