Flowers River Lodge

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Nestled in the northernmost part of Labrador lies the Flowers River, a premier destination for salmon fishing enthusiasts. The gin-clear waters of the Flowers River Lodge provide a tranquil and serene environment to catch salmon while taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness. With salmon entering the river in early to mid-July and continuing through September, it's the ideal time to visit.

Massive Salmon on the Flowers River

One of the most exciting aspects of fishing on the Flowers River is the possibility of catching massive salmon. The river is home to some of the largest salmon in Labrador, with thirty-pounders found in nearly every pool. Some anglers claim to have hooked forty-pounders, but reeling them in proves challenging. Guests commonly release salmon in the 20-pound range, a testament to the river's abundance of fish.

Slow-Moving Waters for All Anglers

Unlike many rivers in Labrador, the Flowers River has a low gradient and slow-moving waters, making it ideal for novice anglers and fishermen who require stable footing. The river's gentle currents allow for ease of wading and provide an opportunity to spot a massive salmon lurking in the depths. Moreover, most of the river is gin-clear, offering excellent visibility for anglers to cast their lines.

Pool Schedule and Guided Fishing

The Flowers River Lodge has divided the river's 25 named pools into beats, and guests receive a pool schedule upon arrival. While some beats are within proximity to the lodge and permit guests to return for lunch, others require guests to bring a packed lunch and spend the day out on the water. Each beat offers a unique fishing experience, making every day on the river unforgettable.

Travel to Flowers River Lodge

Planning a trip to Flowers River Lodge involves arranging travel to Goose Bay, a remote destination in Labrador. There are scheduled flights to and from Goose Bay from most major Canadian and US cities, although direct flights are limited. Airlines such as Air Canada and Provincial Airlines offer flight services to Goose Bay.

Accommodation and Ground Transfers

After arriving in Goose Bay, guests will need to stay at the Bunkhouse, which is included in their fishing package. The lodge provides a representative to meet guests at the airport, take them to the Bunkhouse and then to the floatplane the next morning. Ground transfers in Goose Bay and accommodation (double occupancy) at the Bunkhouse are included in the package, but meals in Goose Bay are not.

Baggage Policy and Checklist

Guests must adhere to a strict baggage weight policy when traveling to Flowers River Lodge. The charter equipment used for flights has a maximum payload capacity for maximum safety. The maximum baggage weight is 50 pounds per person, and this includes both checked and carry-on luggage. Guests are advised to weigh their bags before leaving home as excess baggage weight will need to be left at the float plane dock in Goose Bay. A packing checklist is provided to help guests pack.

Weather and Delays

Labrador's weather can be unpredictable, which can cause weather delays in transportation to and from the lodge. Guests are encouraged to pack warm clothes, as temperatures can drop to around 5 degrees Celsius. The lodge will do its best to ensure timely arrivals and departures, but it cannot guarantee or be held responsible for weather-related delays. In the event of a weather delay, any additional meals or accommodations will be at the guest's expense. The lodge will continue to provide food and accommodations for guests who are delayed at the camp.

Travel Insurance

Although not required, the lodge highly recommends guests consider purchasing travel insurance. Weather delays can occur and can result in additional costs or lost fishing time. Most credit card companies provide protection, and companies such as Global Rescue offer travel insurance coverage. It's important to investigate and consider travel insurance to ensure peace of mind during the trip.

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