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  1. Clouser Minnow Fly
  2. Deceiver Fly
    Special Price $4.99 was $4.99
  3. EP Spawning Shrimp Fly
  4. Veverkas Mantis Shrimp Fly
    Special Price $2.99 was $3.99
  5. Crazy Charlie Fly
  6. EP Peanut Butter Fly
    Special Price $9.95 was $9.95
  7. Skinny Water Minnow Fly
  8. Squimp Fly
  9. Christmas Island Special Bonefish Fly
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  10. Tarpon Toad Fly
  11. EP Grass Shrimp Fly
  12. Bauer Crab Fly
    Special Price $6.39 was $7.99
  13. Alphlexo Crab Fly
  14. Gotcha Fly
    Special Price $2.99 was $2.99
  15. EP Micro Minnow Fly
  16. Murdichs Wiggler Fly
  17. EP GT Fly
  18. EP Crab Fly
  19. Cathys Fleeing Crab Fly
  20. Tarpon Toad II Fly
  21. EP Pike/Offshore Fly
  22. EP Finger Mullet Fly
  23. EP Top Water Shrimp Fly
  24. Kung Fu Crab Fly
  25. Gummy Minnow Fly
  26. Turneffe Crab Fly
    Special Price $3.74 was $4.99
  27. Raghead Crab Fly
    Special Price $5.99 was $7.99
  28. Danger Muffin Crab Fly
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Saltwater fly fishing has taken the industry by storm in recent years. No more delicacy at 30 feet with bamboo. Heavy rods, heavy tackle, big flies, and ripping runs have become addictive for many anglers chasing scenic saltwater slams. While rods and reels are of the utmost importance in saltwater fly fishing, flies are arguably more important. Catching trophy fish in the salt doesn’t happen without the right flies for the job. So we’ve decided to carry one of the largest selections of saltwater flies in the industry. If you’re fishing saltwater anywhere in the world, chances are you’ll find what you need right here. From crabs to shrimp to streamers, baitfish, and more, we’ve got you covered. 


Crabs are perhaps the most popular saltwater flies for Bonefish and Permit. Permit usually follow rays or cruise the flats digging crabs out of the sand to quench their ravenous appetite. Hence the term ‘tailing’. Similarly, Bonefish feed on these crustaceans with reckless abandon. If you’re traveling to the tropics to land trophy Bonefish and Permit, don’t do it without a plethora of crab patterns. One of the most popular crab patterns we carry is the Rag Head Crab. This fly is a great general crab pattern for a variety of situations. We also have the popular Alphlexo Crab that is a well-known Permit fly in the Seychelles and beyond. Other popular patterns include the Permit Crab Fly, Cathy’s Fleeing Crab, the Turneffe Crab Fly, and many more. 


If you’re fishing for Bonefish, chances are you’re casting shrimp flies, too. Patterns like the Gotcha Shrimp and Chicone’s Bone Appetite Fly are made specifically for flats fishing and are likely to fool a feeding Bonefish. Enrico Puglisi’s Ultra Shrimp is another great option when targeting fish on the flats. We also have popular patterns like the Mantis Shrimp, Ghost Shrimp, and more. Don’t go on a Bonefish trip without filling your fly box with some of these popular shrimp patterns first.


Of course, for us here in the Northeastern US, baitfish fly patterns are popular for Stripers, Albies, and other popular saltwater gamefish. The Deceiver Fly is one of the most popular and we’ve got it in a variety of colors and sizes for all of your Striped Bass needs. Another classic pattern, the Clouser Minnow, is also popular among saltwater and freshwater enthusiasts alike across the US and beyond. Enrico Puglisi also makes some stellar baitfish patterns like the EP Micro Minnow (a great fly for False Albacore), and the EP Grand Trevally Fly which is ideal for GT and other large saltwater species. 


We carry a huge selection of Tarpon Flies as well including the popular Tarpon Toad and the Tarpon Toad II. Similarly, the Megalopsicle and the EP Tarpon Tiger are popular flies when chasing the Silver King. If you’re casting to Tarpon on the surface, try the EP Baby Tarpon Mini Diver. EP also has a great pattern for Boca Grande aptly named the Boca Grande Tarpon Fly


Regardless of which saltwater flies you’re looking for, we have a large selection to fill your deepest saltwater fly box. Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Stripers, GT and more won’t know what hit them. Best of all, these flies SHIP FOR FREE with a Price Match Guarantee to make sure you’re getting the highest quality products at the lowest prices. Shop Now!