Umpqua Redfish Guide Fly Selection

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Umpqua's finest selection for Redfish

Umpqua Redfish Guide Fly Selection

Cave's Wobbler Gold Size 2 (1) Dark Chartreuse Size 6 (1) Sea Ducer White/Red Size 4 (1) Sea Ducer Charteuse/ Grizzly Size 4 (1) Mayfield's Rattle Mullet Olive/White Size 2 (1) Umpqua Swimming Baitfish Shad Size 1/0 (1) Skinny Water Clouser Minnow Tan/White Size 2 (2) Skinny Water Clouser Minnow Chartreuse Size 2 (2) Clouser Minnor Sculpin Size 6 (1) Connor's Glades Minnow Olive/ Gray Size 2 (1) Burk's Hot Flash Minnow Shiner Size 2 (1) Dorsy's Kwan Bead Tan Chain Size 4 (1) Dorsy's Kwan Bead Chain Chartreuse Size 4 (1) Borski's Bonefish Slider Brown Size 4 (1) Borski's Bonefish Slider Chartreuse Size 4 (1) Borski's Super Swimming Shrimp Size 2 (1) Borski's Chernobyl Crab Size 2 (1) Total: 19 Flies
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