Umpqua Great Lakes Deluxe Fly Selection

Umpqua's finest selection for Great Lakes

Umpqua Great Lakes Deluxe Fly Selection

Egg Pink Champange Size 8 (1) Egg Peach Size 8 (1) Egg Flourescent Orange Size 8 (1) Egg Oregon Cheese Size 8 (1) Egg Chartreuse Size 8 (1) Bear's Crystal Egg Peach Size 8 (1) Bear's Crystal Egg Chartreuse Size 8 (1) PCP Nymph Size 8 (1) Bear's Stone Size 10 (1) Caddis Larvae Chartreuse Size 8 (1) Bear's PM Caddis Size 8 (1) Anlron Bug Hex Size 6 (1) Steelhead Bugger Size 6 (1) Egg Sucking Leech Orange Size 4 (1) Hex Nymph Size 6 (1) PM Stone Size 6 (1) Bear's Hex Size 6 (1) Anlron Bug Shrimp Size 6 (1) Bear's Fuzz Buster Olive Size 8 (1) Bear's Phesant Tail Size 8 (1) Total: 20 Flies
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Color N/A
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Umpqua Great Lakes Deluxe Fly Selection Reviews

This has everything you need! Review by David
Posted on 11/27/15
I regularly fish Minnesota's rugged North Shore and Wisconsin's Brule River for steelhead. I bought this at a local fly shop in Duluth and it had everything I needed. Over a few days of steelheading you might need to fish stone patterns deep or swing streamers. The egg sucking leach is particularly effective on the Great Lakes. This selection has all the flies you need and spares you the time of looking over a gigantic box of flies at the local fly shop.

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