Umpqua Eastern Trout Deluxe Fly Selection

Umpqua's finest selection for Eastern Trout

Umpqua Eastern Trout Deluxe Fly Selection

Sheck's Spundun Sulphur/PMD Size 16 (1) Evergreen Eastern Green Drake Size 8 (1) Evergreen Collin Fly White Size 8 (1) Parachute Sulphur Size 16 (1) Barr's Drowned Spinner, Trico Size 20 (1) Sheck's Spundun Baetis Size 18 (1) Beck's Sulphur Spinner Size 16 (1) Beck's Emerger Hendrickson Size 14 (1) Pearl Butt Trico Spinner Size 20 (1) Barr's Vis-A-Dun Baetis Size 18 (1) Barr's Vis-A-Dun Trico Size 20 (1) Parachute Blue Olive Size 18 (1) AK's Red Quill Spinner Size 14 (1) Spotlight Emerger Sulphur Size 16 (1) Spotlight Emerger East Dk Hendrickson Size 14 (1) Blue Wing Olive Size 18 (1) Burk's Hunchback Infrequens Size 16 (1) Barr's Flashback Emerger BWO Size 18 (1) Barr's Trico Emerger Trico Size 22 (1) Total: 20 Flies
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Umpqua Eastern Trout Deluxe Fly Selection Reviews

Excellent Review by David
Posted on 1/3/17
Varied fly selection to cover the seasons and hatches in the Midwest.

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