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  1. Kreelex Minnow Streamer Fly
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  2. Morrish Mouse Fly
  3. Soft Egg Fly
  4. Egg Sucking Crystal Leech Fly
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  5. Dolly Llama Streamer Fly
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  6. Micro Spawn Fly
  7. Tail Dragger Tube Fly
  8. Flashtail Mini Egg Fly
  9. Starlite Leech Fly
  10. Egg Sucking Leech Fly
  11. Choker Fly
  12. Otters Soft Milking Egg Fly
  13. Black Dress Fly
  14. Twofer Flesh Fly
  15. Silveynator Tube Fly
  16. Hare Leech Fly
  17. Lifter Fly
  18. 2-Salt Tube Fly
  19. Egg Hareball Leech Fly
  20. Flesh Fly
  21. Mr. Sparkle Fly
  22. Morrish Medusa Fly
  23. Ultra Squid Fly
  24. Mr. Silvey Fly
  25. Dirty Hoh-Chinook Fly
  26. Extractor Fly
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  27. Popper Wog Fly
  28. Dolly Llama Fly
  29. Loop Leech Fly
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Alaska has been a destination fishery for much of the 20th century. Part of the reason Alaska is so popular is because of its rugged wilderness and its remote allure. It’s also a place with some incredible fishing; the number of species and the number of fish are arguably unparalleled. Whether you’re targeting Salmon for the grill or Rainbow Trout for a picture and a quick release, Alaska is a destination that’s on every angler’s bucket list. Luckily, if you’ve already planned your trip and you’re starting to prepare, you’ve come to the right place. We have all of the top flies for Alaska including flies for Salmon, Trout, Grayling, and more. 


If you’re headed to Alaska to target large Pacific Salmon like Silver Salmon or Kings, we have a few flies that are worth bringing along. Silver Salmon aggressive eat flies that are brightly colored and flies that move a lot of water. Two flies that fit that description are the Todd’s Wiggle Wog and the Foam Top Wog. These flies are both brightly colored to attract the attention of an aggressive Salmon and both ride on the surface of the water to create a lot of commotion when stripped. Salmon love these popper/streamer patterns. Streamers also readily eat the Egg Sucking Crystal Leech that imitates a Leech eating a Salmon Egg. 


If you’re targeting Rainbow Trout, we’ve got flies for them, too. Alaskan Rainbow Trout have a mixed diet depending on the time of year. During early-season months like June, Trout feed on a combination of Leeches, baitfish, nymphs, and mice. If you’re planning on targeting Rainbows with nymphs, check out our nymph section. If you want to swing a Dolly Llama, you’ve come to the right place. Other popular early-season patterns for trout include the Clone Minnow and the Morrish Mouse Fly. There’s nothing quite like watching a hungry fish engulf a mouse pattern skating across the surface. 


As the season wears on, Salmon enter the river systems and start spawning and dropping eggs. When this happens, Rainbow Trout gorge themselves on Salmon eggs that are filled with protein and fat. Soft Egg Flies in a variety of colors and sizes work well during this time of the year. An Egg Sucking Leech Pattern can also fool wary trout. 


Finally, in September, when the Salmon spawn is over and fish begin to die, Rainbow Trout once again feed on flesh and Salmon eggs. Patterns that are productive during this later timeframe include flesh patterns like the Choker Fly and the Twofer Flesh Fly. These flies can either be swung like streamers or dead-drifted to hungry Trout waiting to capitalize on an easy meal. At the end of September, anglers once again swing Leech Patterns and other streamers to fool fish after all of the flesh has floated down the rivers. 


Whether you’re looking for Salmon Flies or Trout Flies, you can find everything you need for Alaska right here. These flies are premium quality and are all hand-tied to give you the best chances of success on the water. Best of all, all flies SHIP FOR FREE and come with a price match guarantee so you can feel confident you’re always getting the highest quality products at the lowest prices. Don’t wait, Shop Now!