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Taking inspiration from the ever-popular Intruder series of flies, the Extractor Mini Fly gives a similar profile in a smaller package that does wonders on finicky fish or when fishing low and clear water. Designed by Brian Silvey, the Extractor Mini Fly is a pattern that you can take from the tribs of New York to your favorite tidal river in Washington with confidence. Tied with a trailing hook, this fly has effective hooking that won’t deep-hook fish, and its construction of ostrich herl, soft flowing hackle, and small eyes makes this fly swim like no other--add in some colors that are hot enough to catch any steelhead or salmon’s attention, and it’s no wonder why this fly is so popular.


The Extractor Mini Fly is a perfect fly for swinging water, so this is a great choice when busting out the two hand setups. One of those flies that’s full of versatility, you can turn to the Extractor Mini Fly whether you’re hitting early-season steelhead on Elk Creek in Erie or swinging on the Skeena River. 


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Due to the handmade nature of this product, the product you receive may vary from the photos. Please note that flies that are not individually packaged are not returnable.

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