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When it comes to building a fly rod, Epic sets a pretty high bar, and their Studio Carbon Fiber series is no exception to that rule. Built with a heavy focus on two things: being lightweight and having phenomenal accuracy, this is a family of rods that you can rely on whether you need pinpoint accuracy when dropping a dry fly or need to land your fly inches away from a cruising snook in the wash. Like all of Epic’s builds, and especially their Studio series,  the Carbon Fiber Rods are made from exceptional materials–combining a Graphene blank with other componentry like a FLOR-Grade cork grip and a hard anodised reel seat gives you a rod that you’ll love casting as much as you’ll love catching with it. Starting with a 4 weight and bumping all the way up to a 10 weight, the Studio Carbon Fiber Rods offer excellent versatility that lets you find the perfect rod whether you’re hitting the Delaware River for an evening spinner fall or shooting south into Islamorada to find some of those bonefish that crest the twelve-pound mark. 


Graphene - Featuring a Graphene blank, the Studio Carbon rods are lightweight, as accurate as it gets, and tough enough to stand up to everything that comes their way. Graphene is a top-tier material used for blanks and the Studio Carbon reflects this high-quality build with every cast you make–precision and accuracy with just the right amount of power, this is a family of rods that’s as ready for tiny mountain brooks as it is large saltwater flats. 

The blank also sports a clean matte finish. While this matted blank looks excellent in hand, its matte finish also prevents light reflection so you don’t need to worry about spooking fish. 


Premium Quality Stripping Guide (Titanium or Hard Chrome depending on rod model) - Depending on which rod you select, you’ll get a high-quality set of guides made from Titanium or Hard Chrome wound onto the blank. Regardless of which rod you select, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got a lightweight, durable, and a super slick set of stripping guides. And for the saltwater angler, heavier line weights will have the Titanium Stripping Guides, which prevent rust from building up.

Reel Seat

Hard Anodised - Designed to be durable without adding bulk, the Hard Anodised Reel Seat on the Studio Carbon Rods is made to last a lifetime of fishing. With its dual uplocking reel seat, your reel stays locked in all day long, and with the anodised construction, you’ll never need to worry about saltwater ruining your fun.  

Rod Tube

Taking an unconventional yet genius approach to their rod tube design, the Studio Carbon Rods come housed in an Epic Tube, which is made from a super durable fiberglass and doesn’t have a screw cap, but instead has a ferruled top that doesn’t get lost and won’t wear out over time. And if durability and a cool look aren’t enough, by some happy accident, this rod tube’s end cap perfectly fits the contents of a 12oz beer…should you find yourself in a jam and need something to hold a pour.


As of July 2022, Epic’s Studio Carbon Rods are covered by their Epic Warranty. This lifetime warranty covers failure due to defects in workmanship and/or materials. The Epic Warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the rod, at Epic’s option, and it does not cover direct, incidental, indirect, or consequential damage as well as theft, loss, intentional breakage, fire damage, or modification/customization to the rod.


More Info

Rod Action:  Intermediate

Best for: Dry Flies, Wet Flies, and Streamers

Grip: FLOR Grade Cork 

Slim Wells or Classic Western Wells on models up to an 8 weight

Full Wells with Fighting Butt for 8 and 10 weight models 

Ability Level: Intermediate (learn more)


Recommended Lines

ModelHandleLengthLine WeightColorActionWeightPrice 
Epic Studio Carbon Fiber 9ft 10wt Fly Rod - Black Reel Seat - Full Wells w/Fighting Butt (1090-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft10GraphiteFast$1,100.00
Epic Studio Carbon Fiber 9ft 8wt Fly Rod - Black Reel Seat - Full Wells w/Fighting Butt (890-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft8GraphiteFast$1,100.00