EP Turneffe Micro Crab Fly

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Whether you’re looking to match those early-season juvenile crabs or tempt sneaky fish along the flats of Belize, the EP Turneffe Micro Crab Fly is a hard fly to beat. Coming from the Enrico Puglisi family of flies, the EP Turneffe Micro Crab was originally designed for the skinny water found along the Turneffe Flats; however, this is a fly that can be fished with confidence anywhere small or immature crabs might be found. A simple design that works, this micro crab is tied with a body and claws of EP Fibers, eyes, bead chain eyes to act as a keel and keep the hook pointed up, and is equipped with a weed guard to prevent snags and hangups. 


A good fly pattern whether you’re on a sandy flat, a river mouth, or a tidal estuary, the EP Turneffe Micro Crab is a versatile crab that can fit into almost any environment. And when fishing the EP Turneffe Micro Crab, it’s best to strip it along the bottom and include a pause or two. From bonefish and permit to striped bass and sheephead, the EP Turneffe Micro Crab is a small fly that packs a big punch. 

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