EP Top Water Shrimp Fly

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Whenever the water is rich with shrimp and the fish have their eyes pointed up, the EP Top Water Shrimp Fly is a tough fly to beat. Designed to match the profile of a shrimp, create a surface commotion, and have tons of movement, this fly is a great choice whether fishing backwater creeks and rivers, tidal estuaries, or casting right into the mangroves. Taking some design inspiration from the classic Gurgler Fly, the EP Top Water Shrimp Fly features a synthetic tail, rubber legs, realistic shrimp eyes tied in just the right spot, a brush body, and foam shellback that lands flush on the surface and pushes water when retrieved.


The EP Top Water Shrimp Fly is a solid fly for warm and tropical environments and works especially well on redfish, tarpon, and snook. A fly that comes in a variety of colors, with both realistic and natural options, this fly can serve as an exact imitation as well as a bold attractor. Fish it on a floating line and vary your retrieve until you find just what the fish want, the EP Top Water Shrimp is a fun fly to fish and one that gets the job done anytime fish are keyed in on shrimp. 

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