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Lifelike movement, creative realism, and excellent durability, the EP Soft Shell Fly is a great choice whether you’re casting into the sandy flats of the Bahamas or crawling flies along the bottom of Buzzards Bay. Designed as an imitation for a crab that’s recently molted (often referred to as a “soft shell”), this fly utilizes a durable nylon tubing for its body that has a flexy feel and translucent appearance, making it a perfect match for these vulnerable crabs that fish seem to key in on. 


Crabs inhabit a variety of environments, so this is a fly that you can turn to whether you’re on a tidal flat, the mouth of a tidal river, in an estuary, or even casting into open beaches. Tied to be retrieved sideways, the EP Soft Shell Crab fishes best with a varied retrieve and the occasional pause. And whenever you find those dicey spots that likely hold a fish, the Ep Soft Shell’s weed guard is sure to come in handy. A fly that should be in your box all season long, the EP Soft Shell is an innovative crab fly that can fool just about any bottom-feeding fish around. 

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