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Whether you are looking to imitate pacific sardines in the Baja surf or need a generic baitfish fly that catches fish almost anywhere, the EP Sardina Fly is a good choice for nearly anything. Designed to imitate sardines, the EP Sardina Fly has a medium-profile body with a two-tone color scheme that closely matches these baitfish. And while the EP Sardina Fly was created with sardines in mind, this is a pattern that can match a wide range of baitfish ranging from sardines to herring and even mullet if you find yourself in a pinch. Tied in classic Enrico Puglisi style, this pattern features a flowing body of EP Fibers, subtle gill markings, and a pair of realistic eyes that all come together to give an excellent baitfish that will catch anything from large yellowtail to striped bass and snook. 


A great general searching pattern or whenever you find actively feeding fish, it is hard to go wrong with the EP Sardina Fly. This pattern can cover a wide range of water types such as tidal rivers, open ocean surf, back bays, salt ponds, estuaries and more. A pattern thats been reliable for years, you can count on the EP Sardina Fly as a confidence streamer anytime you are pursuing predatory fish. 


Size: 3/0

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