EP Micro Crab BC Fly

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From imitating juvenile crabs hatching on a new moon to adding some stealth to your presentation, the EP Micro Crab BC Fly can do it all. A versatile fly that can be fished whether you’re on the flats of Monomoy seeking striped bass or deep in the Florida Keys chasing permit and bonefish, the EP Micro Crab BC is an excellent choice when the fish are keyed in on smaller offerings. A simple pattern that does a great job at imitating a variety of small crabs, the EP Micro Crab BC Fly is tied with EP Fiber claws, a little accenting flash, rubber legs, an EP Fiber body, bead chain eyes, and a weed guard to prevent hangs and snags. 


The EP Micro Crab BC comes in a variety of colors so that you can match your flies to the naturals in your area, but colors like sand and olive are always great choices. One of those flies that can cover a variety of situations, the EP Micro Crab BC is a good choice whether you’re on a flat, in a tidal river, working an estuary, or hitting the open beaches. A great fly to have on hand from spring through fall in the northeast and anytime in tropical environments, the EP Micro Crab BC should have a home in all of our boxes. 

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