EP Finger Mullet Fly

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Whether you’re in the heart of the annual mullet run or just searching along seawalls and docks in southern Florida, the EP Finger Mullet Fly is an essential streamer to have on hand. Mullet are a schooling baitfish that’s commonly found in Florida and as far north as Cape Cod in some cases. Mullet are a relatively large baitfish with a white and silver body that’s topped by shades of olive, grey, blue, and black, and the EP Finger Mullet Fly is an excellent imitation for these fish. Tied almost entirely out of EP Fibers, this fly has a solid profile and good movement in the water, and realistic accents like its eyes and tail only increase your odds of fooling fish, while a weed guard decreases your odds of snags and hangups.


A necessary element to any Florida vacation, especially from the end of August through October, this is a fly that you can search with or use whenever you’re staring down a crashing blitz of fish feeding on the naturals. When being attacked, mullet tend to stay near the water’s surface, so working this fly on a floating or slow intermediate line is usually a safe bet, from there, fishing the EP Finger Mullet is easy--find the retrieve that the fish want, and you’ll be able to catch anything from tarpon to bluefish. 

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