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From the sandy flats of the Bahamas to the muddy flats of Maine, the EP Crab Fly is a saltwater crustacean that should be in every fly box. A great imitation for a variety of crab species, this is a fly that’s effective on flats, in tidal estuaries, on open beaches, and in river mouths. The EP Crab Fly is tied with a plume of marabou, a body of EP fibers, rubber legs, and heavy dumbbell eyes to make it ride with its hook up, and this design comes together to show movement whether the fly is being retrieved back to you or sitting still.


The EP Crab Fly can be fished anytime and anywhere that crabs are on the menu--that is all year long in warm to tropical environments and from late spring into fall in the northeast. The EP Crab Fly fishes best with a slow to moderate retrieve and it’s always a good idea to incorporate some pauses in your strip. Commonly fished in sizes 2-6, the EP Crab Fly comes in a variety of colors shades so that you can match the naturals of your area and have success anywhere you’re heading. 

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