EP Bay Anchovy Fly

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False albacore crashing on the surface, snook choking down whitebait in the wash, or blind casting into the mangroves in pursuit of a variety of tropical species, the EP Bay Anchovy Fly can handle them all. With a slim body and flashy accents, the EP Bay Anchovy Fly is a baitfish pattern that can match a variety of saltwater baitfish ranging from bay anchovies, small sardines, juvenile herring, and even spearing. While its name suggests it’s a great bay anchovy fly, this pattern comes in a variety of colors so that you can fine tune your streamer presentation, but if you are after an exact bay anchovy imitation, this fly in the color tan will get the job done.


One of those flies that you can take to nearly any saltwater environment and have success, the EP Bay Anchovy Fly has an excellent minnow profile and is tied with EP Fibers, realistic eyes, just enough flash to turn heads, and is equipped with weed guard to prevent snags. The EP Bay Anchovy is a pattern that can be fished all season long (spring through fall in the northeast and all year in warm tropical environments) whether you’re casting into open beaches, fishing tidal rivers, estuaries, or even some larger flats.


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