EP Ascension Bay Crab Fly

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Chasing spooky permit along the sandy flats of Ascension Bay or stripping your fly along a dirty mud flat in New England in pursuit of striped bass, the EP Ascension Bay Crab Fly can do them all. Tied as an imitation of a variety of different crab species, this fly is a great option for targeting flats, fishing tidal estuaries, working the mouth of a river, or just casting into the open beach. Designed to sink quickly but land softly, the EP Ascension Bay Crab Fly is tied with vibrant rubber legs, realistic eyes, a buggy EP Fiber body, and is equipped with dumbbell eyes and a weed guard so that your hook rides point up and snags aren’t a concern. 


The EP Ascension Bay Crab Fly benefits from a stripped retrieve and it’s a good idea to include the occasional pause. This is a fly that will shine all year long in warm and tropical environments and from spring through fall in the northeast. A great fly in sizes 1/0-2, the Ascension Crab should be in your box no matter what flat you’re hitting. 

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