Enrico Puglisi Woolly Critter Brush

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Enrico Puglisi’s Woolly Critter Brush is a brush made from a blend of EP Fibers, EP Silky Fibers, and  EP Sparkle Fibers.  With a 10 inch length, 1.5-inch width, and a stainless steel wire core, this material is extremely durable.  This durability may change the way you tie woolly buggers because this material can give you all the benefit you need for a great bugger pattern with added durability and fewer steps in the tying process.  It’s available in many colors from extremely natural ones to crazy reds, purples, and chartreuse.  Another advantage of this material is that it doesn’t absorb any water, so it winds up being very easy to cast.  Like almost anything Enrico Puglisi touches, this brush will turn any fly you apply it to into gold.  Wooly Buggers, Saltwater Patterns, And even bass patterns all can benefit from the addition of Enrico Puglisi Woolly Critter Brush.  

Uses: Salmon and steelhead patterns, crab patterns, bass patterns, saltwater patterns.

Comparisons: Similar to other brushes made by Enrico Puglisi, but with this one focused on wiggle motion underwater.  As is the case with most EP synthetics, there’s really nothing that moves like them.

Example flies: EP A2Z Minnow, EP Salmon Streamer, EP Woolly Bugger


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