Enrico Puglisi Sommerlatte's Grizzly Foxy Brush

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Designed with help from Captain Scott Sommerlatte, Enrico Puglisi’s Sommerlattes Grizzly Foxy Brushes are easy to work with and give a look that few other brushes provide. Super versatile and available in a range of color options, these brushes have a two-toned appearance that gives a striking look, and their strong wire core and UV reflective properties give durability while providing just enough light reflection to attract fish. A solid material whenever tying flies for tarpon, snook, redfish, and other salty predators, Enrico Puglisi Sommerlattes Grizzly Foxy Brush helps you build bold and effective bodies and heads on streamers and large crustaceans. 



Enrico Puglisi’s Sommerlattes Grizzly Foxy Brush are 3” wide and 10” long, which makes them a great choice anytime you need to build up a large streamer head, collar, or even create a chunky body that’s packed with movement. These brushes are easy to work with and quick to provide bulk, whether you’re tying large musky flies or getting ready to hook massive GTs off of a reef. 



Brushes are a common material, but there aren’t any that offer the bold color patterns and qualities of Enrico Puglisi’s Sommerlattes Grizzly Foxy Brush. If you’re looking for an Arctic Fox brush that doesn’t have the barred grizzly appearance, then Enrico Puglisi’s Foxy Brushes are a great alternative. These are constructed similarly to the Sommerlattes Grizzly Foxy Brush, but they’re all one color. These brushes can be used interchangeably, but whenever you want that barred appearance, Enrico Puglisi’s Sommerlattes Grizzly Foxy Brush is the way to go. 

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