Enrico Puglisi Shrimp Dub Brush

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From striped bass to bonefish and everything in between, Enrico Puglisi’s Shrimp Dub Brush has you covered anytime you’re looking to add a buggy effect to your patterns. Enrico originally designed this brush to imitate the grass shrimp found in Long Island, New York, but it wasn’t long before he realized that this brush offers a ton of applications–from crustaceans and carp flies to backcountry streamers to dense heads on large trout patterns, this brush does it all with ease. The Shrimp Dub Brush is offered in a variety of different colors to make matching the forage at hand nice and easy, and with its UV reflectance and a blend of EP Fibers, EP Silky, EP Shrimp Dub, natural materials, and EP UV Sparkle, this brush has all of the lifelike properties you need to find success. Featuring a stainless steel core, this brush is also super durable and you can take it to salty situations without fear.


Although it was initially made to tie shrimp patterns, Enrico Puglisi’s Shrimp Dub Brush is a very versatile brush that can be used for a ton of different applications. Made from a blend of materials, this brush is a great choice whether you’re winding a body or need a dense collar on a streamer. From minnows and shrimp to trimmed crab bodies, this brush provides excellent versatility at the vise. 


The Shrimp Dub Brush from Enrico Puglisi is a pretty unique brush and there isn’t another that’s exactly like it. If you’re looking for a similarly dense brush to wind bodies or collars on crustaceans and streamers, the Frenzy Fly Fibre Brush from Just Add H20 is another option. This brush provides a similar density, however, it has a much different ingredient list than the EP Shrimp Dub Brush. 

6 Per Pack
10" Length x .75" or 2" Width

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