Enrico Puglisi Foxy Brush

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Enrico Puglisi Foxy Brushes, the perfect fly tying accessory that combines the natural beauty and movement of arctic fox hair with the convenience of a brush. Ideal for creating collars on streamer flies and adding life to your Intruder flies, EP Foxy Brushes are a versatile addition to your fly tying arsenal. With an attractive price point, these brushes are an excellent value for both novice and experienced fly tyers.

Available in two lengths, EP Foxy Brushes come in a standard length with approximately 3" fiber length and EP Foxy Brush Short with a 1.5" fiber length, catering to a variety of fly tying needs. The blend of EP Fibers and Arctic Fox Hair in a stainless steel wire ensures durability and ease of use, making the process of creating collars on small flies a breeze.

The EP Foxy Brush 1.5" Wide is the perfect choice for those looking to create tapered collars and full bodies on small streamers and flats flies. The guard hairs of the fox naturally create a tapered effect, offering a lifelike appearance to your creations. To ensure optimal results, simply wrap the brush like a hackle and pick out the fibers with a bodkin as you move forward. This prevents fibers from being trapped and allows for a more natural-looking finished product.

Not only are EP Foxy Brushes great for crafting intricate collars, but they are also an exceptional muskie fly tying material. Their unique combination of EP Fibers and Arctic Fox Hair offers a lifelike appearance and action in the water, making your flies irresistible to your target species.

With the Enrico Puglisi Foxy Brushes, you can elevate your fly tying creations and produce flies that truly stand out in the water. Experience the difference these brushes make in your fly tying process and reap the rewards during your next fishing adventure.

Whether you're tying small streamers or large Intruder flies, the Enrico Puglisi Foxy Brushes provide a versatile and effective solution for creating lifelike, high-quality flies. Get your EP Foxy Brushes today and enhance your fly tying experience.

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