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  1. EP Spawning Shrimp Fly
  2. EP Mantis Shrimp Fly
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  3. EP Peanut Butter Fly
    Special Price $8.79 was $8.79
  4. EP Tarpon Bunny Fly
  5. EP A2Z Fly
  6. EP Soft Shell Fly
  7. EP Roosterfish Fly
  8. EP Glass Minnow Fly
  9. EP Ghost Minnow Fly
  10. EP Descendent Crab Fly
  11. EP Crab Fly
  12. EP Tinker Mackerel Fly
  13. EP Pilchard Fly
  14. EP Flex Calamari Fly
  15. Barrs Damsel Nymph Fly
  16. EP Finger Mullet Fly
  17. EP Permit Crab Fly
    Special Price $9.00 was $9.00
  18. EP Bluegill Fly
  19. EP Tarpon Streamer Fly
  20. EP Grass Shrimp Fly
  21. EP Pike/Offshore Fly
  22. EP Tarantula Crab Fly
  23. EP Mutton Snapper Fly
  24. EP Ultra Shrimp Fly
  25. Clone Minnow Fly
  26. Birds Nest Bead Head Fly
  27. EP GT Fly
  28. EP Needle Fish Fly
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Enrico Puglisi Flies makes some beautiful saltwater patterns. From streamers to crabs and everything in between, EP is one of the foremost names in saltwater flies. Enrico Puglisi’s patterns are tied with extreme care and attention to detail and they’re built for the largest fish in the ocean. All flies are hand-tied and have been fished around the world. If you’re looking for shrimp patterns for your next Bonefish trip, minnow patterns for Stripers on the Maine coast, crab flies for Permit, or classic Tarpon patterns, we’ve got the complete saltwater collection right here. 


EP ties some legendary crab patterns. These flies are lifelike with profiles that are incredibly appetizing to all crab-eating fish. Use these flies on your next Permit trip to Mexico or on a trip to the Seychelles. The EP Turneffe Micro Crab Fly is a green crab pattern that was designed with Turneffe anglers in mind. Similarly, the EP Palometa Crab Fly is a great pattern to fish at the Palometa Club in Mexico. If you’re targeting Permit specifically, choose the EP Permit Crab or the EP Fleeing Crab. We carry a variety of EP crab patterns that are sure to increase your chances on the flats this season. 


If you’re looking for something a little fishier, we’ve got plenty of EP baitfish patterns too. From smaller flies for Albies like the EP Micro Minnow Fly to brighter flies for Peacock Bass and beyond, EP’s patterns are truly saltwater fish-catching machines. Choose the EP Glass Minnow in marshy situations, especially for Striper, or the EP Bluegill Fly if you’re chasing freshwater Bass. If you’re looking for a brightly colored pattern to catch the attention of a predatory fish, the EP A2Z Fly is bright yellow and works well in murky water. 


For all you Bonefish junkies out there, EP’s shrimp patterns are also well-known. Most flies can be fished for Bonefish throughout the tropics, however, some are designed for specific locations. The Christmas Island Fly is a great pattern for Christmas Island Bonefish. EP also designed a shrimp that’s perfect for the Bahamas, aptly named the EP Bahamas Shrimp Fly. This collection even has a topwater shrimp pattern for fish feeding on the surface or fish that are likely to fall victim to a popper-like pattern. EP has truly designed a fly for every scenario. 


Lastly, we carry some pretty remarkable Tarpon Flies. Flies like the EP Tarpon Bunny and the EP Tarpon Crab are tied with bunny strips to add movement and profile to the fly in the water. Other streamers like the Tarpon Tiger and the Tarpon Streamer are simple baitfish patterns with a Tarpon twist. EP also has a Tarpon fly that’s called the Diver; this fly has a foam body that keeps it on the surface but a tilted head that allows it to dive under the waves when stripped. These flies are all tied on heavy-duty hooks to ensure the silver king of your dreams doesn’t get away. 


And the list goes on and on. EP Flies are all hand-tied for ultimate quality and are all time-tested and fisherman proven. All EP Flies SHIP FOR FREE with a price match guarantee.