EP Fleeing Crab Fly

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The EP Fleeing Crab Fly is an excellent crab pattern for fishing saltwater flats, tidal estuaries, open beaches, and troughs. Developed by master tier Enrico Puglisi, the EP Fleeing Crab is tied to imitate a crab that’s quickly escaping a predator. The EP Fleeing Crab Fly was made for fooling fussy bonefish and permit, but it was quickly found that it is also an effective pattern for other species like redfish, snook, and even striped bass. Unlike a lot of other crab patterns, the Fleeing Crab is tied so that it’s retrieved from its side instead of swimming backward when retrieved--this only adds to the realism of this fly.


The EP Fleeing Crab is constructed to closely imitate natural crabs and is tied with knotted chenille claws, realistic eyes, an EP Crab body with an underbody of wound EP Streamer Brush, and is finished off with a set of dumbbell eyes and a weed guard to prevent hangups and make the fly ride with its hook point up. A fly that can be fished in any saltwater environment, the EP Fleeing Crab fishes best with a stripped retrieve and the occasional pause. From mangroves to mudflats, the EP Fleeing Crab is a solid first choice anywhere the tide is moving. 

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