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The SR is a versatile rod that allows anglers to overhead cast or Spey cast in tight quarters. This versatility is useful in a variety of angling scenarios and contributes to the purpose-driven build of the SR. From smaller 3wt rods for Trout applications to larger 8wt rods for Salmon and Steelhead, Rajeff Sports has truly produced a Switch Rod that can do it all. Whether you’re a single-handed angler looking to get into Spey casting or vice versa, this rod does both surprisingly well and is a great all-around rod for a variety of river conditions.


Lightweight High-Modulus Blank - The blank of the SR is designed to be lightweight and high-performing. Tim Rajeff designed these 10’ 6” - 10’ 10” blanks to be efficient at both Spey casting and single-handed applications. The blank features a dark slate gloss finish and a fast action build.


SiC Stripping Guides - The Echo SR rods have two SiC stripping guides to allow line to move through the rods with ease. These guides create low friction and low resistance when casting or retrieving line to simplify an angler’s connection to the fish.

Hard Chrome Single Foot Snake Guides - Hard chrome snake guides add durable functionality to the design of the Echo SR rods. These guides stand up to abuse on and off the water and the single foot design decreases overall rod weight.

Reel Seat

Anodized Aluminum - The Echo SR Series has a corrosion-proof black anodized aluminum reel seat designed to protect against the elements and efficiently hold a reel in place without adding extra weight to the rod. These rods also come with a removable standard fighting butt handle and a screw-in extended fighting butt grip attachment for easy two-handed casting.

Rod Tube

Fabric-Covered Rod Tube - The Echo SR comes with a grey fabric-covered rod tube and rod sock to store and transport the rod safely. Echo’s rod tube is efficient and lightweight and comes with an Echo insignia and rod model label.


Echo Fly Rod Lifetime Warranty - Echo will repair or replace any defective or damaged rods for the entire lifetime of the original owner. All rods must be sent to Echo for repairs/service. As of 4/17/2019, Echo charges a $35 fee for fly rod repairs/replacements.

More Info

Rod Action: Fast

Best for: Allwater, Streamers

Grip: Switch

Ability Level: Intermediate - Expert (learn more)

Recommended Lines

We highly recommend using a Switch-specific Skagit line. Our favorite Skagit Line is:

ModelHandleLengthLine WeightColorActionWeightPrice 
Echo SR Switch Rod (3106-4)Two Handed Switch10ft 6in3GreyFast5.8 oz.$329.99
Echo SR Switch Rod (4106-4)Two Handed Switch10ft 6in4GreyFast6 oz.$329.99
Echo SR Switch Rod (61010-4)Two Handed Switch10ft 10in6GreyFast6.7 oz.$329.99
Echo SR Switch Rod (71010-4)Two Handed Switch10ft 10in7GreyFast7 oz.$329.99
Echo SR Switch Rod (81010-4)Two Handed Switch10ft 10in8GreyFast7.1 oz.$329.99
Echo SR Switch Rod (5108-4)Two Handed Switch10ft 8in5GreyFast6.4 oz.$329.99
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