Dirty Hippy Fly

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When you’re looking at an eight hour shift that consists of nothing but chucking large streamers in hopes of getting tight to a monster trout, it pays to have a lightweight streamer that packs a big profile--if nothing else, your casting arm will thank you--and the Dirty Hippy Fly is just the right choice. Designed by Charlie Craven, the Dirty Hippy came about after he realized his arm just couldn't take the long shifts, which brought him to the vise to build a large profile streamer that’s light on the arm. After some tying experimentation, Charlie realized that a well-placed cone in the shoulders of the fly would splay everything out and create bulk without the extra weight; he then added natural materials like marabou and arctic fox fur to find that this fly breathed like no other, caught fish, and could be fished all day without fatigue--success was found. 


While the Dirty Hippy was designed to solve the problem of easily presenting large flies, it also has a realistic profile that imitates a variety of freshwater baitfish, making it a real winner. This is a streamer that can be fished in moving or still water and in waters of just about any size, and whether you like a stripped retrieve, a dead drift, or a swung presentation, the Dirty Hippy is a fly that can keep up with them all. 

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