Daiichi 1310 Short-Shank Dry Fly Hooks

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The Daiichi 1310 is a “short shank” dry fly hook.  There are two reasons why tiers might be convinced to start tying dries on these hooks: The shorter shank creates a wider gape which is advantageous for hooking fish and making sure they stay hooked and it allows for the use of heavier wire in the design of the hook, which leads to increased strength and durability when fishing flies tied on this hook.  Remember: Think of these hooks as one size smaller than their size says.  If you want to tie a traditional size 14 fly, tie it on a size 12 short shank hook.  

Uses: These hooks are used for short dry flies, spiders, beetles, ants, etc

Example Flies: Parachute Adams, BWO, Royal Wulff

A “short shank” hook is an interesting tool for a tier. If you tie a standard length pattern on a short shank hook, you select one size larger than normal – a size 12 Adams fits on a size 10 “short shank”. This does two things that may be beneficial. First, it gives you one size heavier wire, therefore increased strength. It also gives a wider gape for increased hooking effectiveness. Of course, these hooks are also used for short dry flies, spiders, beetles, ants, etc. 

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