Current Operating Status

In response to COVID-19, we've created this page to keep everyone up to date on our current status.


Please note: We have limited staff available May 21-22nd.



Operating as usual, expect delays of 1-2 days due to increased order volume, and another 1-2 days due to the carrier. All in all, your order may arrive up to 4-5 days late. Because most of this situation is out of our control, we cannot guarantee any shipping and delivery dates at this time.


Phone Support:

In order to get your orders out in time, we will be opening the phone lines at noon on Mondays and closing phones at 5PM on Friday. We will be operating as usual (10AM-6PM) on all other days. As always, we will be closed on all postal holidays.


E-mail Support:

Operating as usual.


Walk-in Traffic:

We are currently open on a limited basis. Please:

  • Adhere to all local laws regarding face coverings
  • Pay with a credit card
  • Be respectful to other customers who may be waiting to enter.


Supply Chain:

We are currently experiencing issues with the following brands and we expect *some* orders to take up to 7 days longer than usual: 


  • Hatch
  • Airflo
  • Echo
  • Scientific Anglers
  • Winston
  • Bauer