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Many fly lines in contemporary fly fishing are built a few sizes heavy to encourage easier casting and quick rod loading. The Cortland Bonefish is just the opposite. This is a line that’s light with an extended rear taper for increased delicacy and enhanced loop control. A great line for experienced anglers looking to land flies with finesse to tailing Bonefish, this is a must-have for the serious flats angler. Whether you’re wading or fishing from a skiff, try Cortland’s Tropic Plus Bonefish line - you’ll be happy you did.



Welded Loops, High Floating Coating - Cortland has built a few different features into this line to keep it simple and functional on the water. The line is designed to float high in the water with a coating that also improves casting capabilities. Loops at both ends allow anglers to easily attach leaders and backing so you can focus on the fishing instead of the rigging. The line also has an obvious color change where the head ends and the running line begins so you can always be sure you’re loading your rod properly for those long-distance casts.



Bonefish, Delicate Presentations, Flats Fishing - Presenting flies delicately at long range is easy with Cortland’s Bonefish line. This is a light line with an extended rear taper for loop control and accuracy at longer distances. This is a line for that tailing Bonefish in a difficult lay that requires finesse and stealth. It’s also a line that loads fast action rods in close for wading scenarios. The color scheme of the line blends in nicely in a flats setting for ultimate stealth and a nice all-around package from Cortland.



Warm/Tropical - This line’s hard tropic coating and monofilament core mean that it’s designed for tropical climates. This is a line that won’t get sticky in high heat when coiled up on a boat deck or in warm water. That being said, this line will shrivel and won’t cast well when used in cold water or colder climates.



Aggressive Front Taper, Long Back Taper - While Cortland Bonefish is a true-to-size line, the aggressive front taper means it’ll load fast-action rods quickly. The 5’ front taper gives way to a 7’ body and an extended 32’ back taper that encourages loop stability and line control. This is a taper built for delicate presentations and the experienced angler who prefers to cast a light line at longer distances.


More Info

Best for: Saltwater, Bonefish


Loops: Front Loop (Leader to Fly Line Connection) and Back Loop (Backing to Fly Line Connection)


Sinking/Floating: Floating


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Line WeightLengthHead WeightHead LengthSink RateColorPrice 
WF6F105'FloatingWhite/Sky Blue/Pale Yellow$99.95
WF7F105'FloatingWhite/Sky Blue/Pale Yellow$99.95
WF8F105'FloatingWhite/Sky Blue/Pale Yellow$99.95
WF9F105'FloatingWhite/Sky Blue/Pale Yellow$99.95
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